Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Fun, Easy DIY Dollar Store Fall Tablescape

 A Fun Fall Tablescape

Hello everyone!  I haven't done a tablescape in quite awhile and so I'm changing that today by sharing a fun, easy, DIY, Dollar Store Fall tablescape. There is also a video so be sure to watch that after you have read this post!

My color theme for this tablescape is green with Autumn gold. I purchased the placemats, Fall scarecrow beanbags, faux sunflowers and the wooden pieces all at the Dollar Store the other day. It was a quick run in and out since I knew that the Dollar Store always places their seasonal items right next to the entrance door. Of course, I paid for the items before running out, LOL!

The green tomatoes are the harvest from my back porch garden. I'm afraid my tomato and cucumber plants haven't fared so well. The vines began getting brown and sort of shriveling and then a storm the other night bent the tomato vines down. These little guys were hanging on and I picked them and brought them into the house in hopes that they might ripen and we can eat them like cherry tomatoes. Since they are green, however, they fit right into my Fall tablescape decor!

The really nice thing about all of the elements of this tablescape is that the pieces can be used all throughout Fall and into Thanksgiving. The green placemats can be used year round. I always like versatility with everything I buy! To be honest, I can't really believe that September is here and Fall will be arriving officially in just a few weeks. Time really seems to fly by these days. Before we know it the trees will be chaning color, the temperatures will get cooler and Autumn winds will be blowing! I'll be bringing out my pumpkins to display and there will be more opportunities for future Fall tablescapes! Let me know what aspects of today's Fall tablescape you liked best! Look forward to reading your comments. 

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Fashion Schlub said...

Cute table! Will you make fried green tomatoes with your garden tomatoes?


Debbie Styles Life said...

Ha, ha, that's what my husband wanted to know, Bettye! No fried green tomatoes for us!

Sharon said...

I really enjoyed this blog post although it made me realize how soon fall will be here! Those green place mats will be so versatile. I think you could use them in every season as you pair them with other seasonal colors. The whole tablescape is lovely, and you did such a good job with your video.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Sharon. I agree that it surely is hard to believe that Fall is almost here!

Karen said...

Personally, I'd be frying those tomatoes! I always hope that many of mine won't ripen so I can do just that. Mine have been so-so this year, and I might have to look for green ones at the farmers market because it looks like the ones at home are just about finished for the season! Your table is beautiful and as usual, you are so creative Debbie! You obviously "see" things on the fly and it all comes together. This adds so much to a dining experience!! Really enjoyed the video chat too!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Karen! It is fun to have pretty tablescapes from time to time and it does add to the dining experience. That's something that you hope for green tomatoes! I was hoping for red but I think mine may be staying green. Take care and have a wonderful week!

Lay said...

Great post, Debbie! I like the addition of a video hitch was very well done. You’re a natural! I am going to Dollar General today in hopes of finding some of those sunflowers! I have some placemats and other fall decorations already that will work, but those sunflowers will be a great addition. Thanks for ideas and inspiration!

Iris said...

Fall - my favorite season. Love the fall colors, the leaf colors outside. I'll have to remember to post some of my fall decorations on my blog. September - how can that be?
Grace & Peace,Iris