Saturday, August 15, 2020

Pink Top, Hiking Trail, Harvest Time and Good Eats!

Food, Fashion and Fun!

Hi Everyone! In true this and that fashion, this post has a little of everything so I hope you enjoy and gain some inspiration. First off, I'm sharing a pink top that I am wearing a lot of late. It's a very simple solid pink top by Time and Tru which is a Walmart brand. I like the square neckline and the smocking along the sleeve and neckline which adds a little something extra to this casual shirt. I'm wearing a medium for size reference and it's quite roomy. This brand tends to run large. 

The Mr. took these pictures on the "Point Lookout Trail" which is a hiking/biking trail which connects Black Mountain, NC to Old Fort, NC. It is a distance each way of about 3.5 miles.  We were scouting this trail as the Mr. is interested in possibly hiking or biking it. We walked awhile and it is a lovely and quiet trail which I think I would enjoy hiking also. It's an old highway that is closed to motorized traffic so only foot traffic and bikes are allowed. 

And ta-da!  Here I am harvesting the first cucumber from my container plants I have been babying along since February!

This is what it looked like before I pulled it off the vine. It was delicious!

And in other food news, here is a vegetarian skillet meal I created recently. It is loosely based on a favorite fried rice with pineapple dish that my friend, Sharon, and I always order at a local Thai restaurant. I was craving the dish and invented this one myself to enjoy at home.

Here it is on the plate. It was incredibly easy to make. I started with a package of steamed brown rice and sauteed the rice in some olive oil in a skillet. I then added leftover steamed mixed vegetables and cut up two Morningstar Farms vegetarian chicken patties and added that to the mix. As a final touch at the end, I stirred in some pineapple chunks and Durkees onions for a little crunch. It was delicious and satisfied my craving for the Thai restaurant dish. 

I enjoyed a really delicious salad for lunch today, also. I like my salads chopped so I chopped up iceberg lettuce and baby spinach and then topped it with chopped celery and carrots. I added roast turkey slices and 2 tablespoons of a nut/raisin mix I get at the grocery store called "No Salt Added." It's a mix of almonds, cashews, walnuts, raisins and sunflower seeds. Topped off with Ranch dressing it was a crunchy delight. Yumm!!

So that's it for now. Just a little bit of this and that from my house to yours. Stay well and happy!

Until Next Time,


Lay said...

That trail looks wonderful, just like your pink top and yummy vegan rice dish! Look at you having some quarantine fun! Way to go, Debbie!

Sharon said...

I enjoyed reading about a little this and that of what you've been doing lately. I need some inspiration for some new dishes to try, so I think I'll use your idea of making our favorite fried rice with pineapple. Your version looks delicious. I'm also interested in the trail. From your picture, it looks like it was not very populated while you were there--good social distancing!

Iris said...

LOVE the pink top. It is flattering and looks comfortable - and the neck is not so low (a problem I find with way too many tops these days). Your cucumbers look great too.
Grace & Peace,Iris

Karen said...

I always enjoy seeing what you come up with in the kitchen, and the Thai dish looks delicious, as does that salad. Beautiful trail that you checked out! Looks like it's perfect for biking since it's paved (also walking, of course!) Your "this and that" posts are always fun to read!