Monday, September 28, 2020

Casual Fall Wear Series Part 1

 A New Series For Fall Fashion

tunic top worn with belt

Hello, hello everyone!  I'm excited today to be starting a new series for Fall fashion. I'll be shopping my closet doing some mixing and matching of items I own that will, hopefully, give you some ideas for putting together casual fashion for Fall. Part 2 of my series will be coming your way this coming Friday so be sure to check back for the next installment. Y'all know I like to encourage you to shop your own closets so take what I show you and put together your own fun Fall fashion. Let's get started!

Today, I'm sharing a top that I have worn before on the blog but with a different twist. It's an animal print, V-neck tunic that I bought at Sam's Club over a year ago. Some people love animal print and some people don't and I'm sort of neutral in the middle. I like it in smaller doses. The drape of this top appealed to me, especially the drape at the hem. The twist I'm adding for today's look is the addition of the belt and the brown tee I'm wearing underneath the tunic. The belt gives me a waist and also adds a bit of pattern mixing to the look. The pattern mixing is minute and doesn't overwhelm the overall look. 

You can see the belt pattern a little better in this picture. I wore most of this outfit today to my first ever drive-thru baby shower! A new experience for sure. Our associate pastor and her husband are expecting their first baby around Thanksgiving and with Covid we couldn't shower them indoors. So the youth group and some church Moms put the drive-thru shower together which I thought was a brilliant idea and lots of fun. There was an outside tent set up with big balloons and Andrea and her husband stood beside the tent and we drove by and handed our gifts out the window and chatted for a few minutes and then drove on. The youth would hand in a party favor to each "guest" before we drove off. It's amazing how we are all adapting to things in a safe manner these days. 

Clarks shoes

Another great addition to this outfit are these brown Clarks shoes. It's hard to find comfortable brown shoes IMHO and when I found these I was so happy! I found mine at JC Penny awhile ago and am enjoying them. I also will want to wear socks as the temps get cooler and these shoes work well with socks.

I hope Mrs. Bear doesn't mind me standing in front of her favorite scratching tree! 

tunic with jeans

I was enjoying being outside snapping these photos in the pretty sunshine with a gentle breeze wafting by. The temps warmed up again and we actually slept last night with a window open. That's Fall for day it's warm and then it gets cool and the heat gets turned on. But, what a nice time of year! BTW, my favorite jeans are distressing themselves at the knees and along the hems. I'm bummed about that but there is nothing I can do. I have two pairs of these jeans and they are my absolute favorites so of course they are the ones getting holes and tears in them! But, hey, people pay big bucks for jeans that are torn to pieces so I guess my jeans just decided they wanted to be in style, too, LOL!

So, go look in your closet and see if you have a tunic, or a longer top, and a belt that might go well together. Got any holey jeans? Well, put them on girl! They are right in style! Let me know in the comments what you find in your closet to style and what you like about today's Fall outfit I'm styling. Be sure to stop by Friday for more Fall fashion fun. And, oh, do you like the new font I'm using? It's called "Satisfy" and I'm quite satisfied with it! Hope my readers find it readable. Let me know if it's not. 

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Sharon said...

I always enjoy the way you shop your closet, Debbie. I have done less of that recently since I'm mostly staying in these days. I like how you put a belt with your top to create a different look. And those shoes look so comfy. I'll be waiting for part two of your series later this week.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Sharon, for always reading and leaving a lovely comment! I'm trying to keep the outfits fairly casual because I know lots of folks are staying close to home right now. Have a great week!

Karen said...

This will be a helpful series and I'm looking forward to it! I like how you styled your tunic and will be borrowing this formula! I have a gray lightweight sweater, tunic length, that I've never belted. Thank you for this suggestion! Funny about your jeans! At first I thought you bought them that way! My only torn ones have paint on them, but who knows if one day THAT will be in style! Beautiful scenery around your house as always!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Karen, and I'm glad that you feel the series will be useful. Belting your sweater sounds like a great new way to wear it! So far, we're having a pretty Fall here. Have a great week!

Lay said...

Beautiful pictures, Debbie! And, I love the outfit!!