Saturday, September 5, 2020

Transition To Fall With Tunic Dress and Leggings

 Transition Into Fall With Tunic and Leggings

Hello, Hello!  Here we are into September and I can't believe I haven't shared this tunic/dress with you before. So, let me do that right now. This tunic/dress by Cupio features a high-low hemline and beautiful multi-colored flowers against a blue background. It's a perfect look to wear as we head into Fall.

For some reason I think of a grape popsicle when I look at this outfit. And I like grape popsicles a lot! I'm just enjoying the colors so much! Sometimes, I feel that lots of "busyness" on a top can overwhelm me but I don't feel that way with this tunic. I picked this up on a whim off of a clearance rack at Stein Mart about a year ago and originally intended to wear it as a summer dress. It can be worn that way but I feel that the black leggings allow the pretty colors to really pop!

I've mentioned before that V-shaped necklines can be very flattering. I like ones that don't dip down too low. With so much going on with brightly colored flowers on the fabric, I went with simple bracelets in pink and aqua blue colors. 

I kept the shoes pretty simple with this outfit as well. I'm just loving these Croc Jelly sandals that I bought from Poshmark. So far, I've had mostly good luck with my Poshmark purchases and these shoes are definitely a winner! These are so comfortable and flexible. I worried a bit that the straps might be stiff and hurt or squeeze my foot and toes but no worries there. The material is quite soft and I couldn't believe how well they fit my foot. Because they are a clear neutral color they fit perfectly with this colorful outfit! See similar Crocs here. 

Here's a close-up of the bracelets. Both are Paparazzi pieces. Anymore, I tend to wear bracelets more than necklaces. I'm sure that will eventually change and I'll be back to wearing more necklaces. I go in phases with fashion, how about you? 

You know, some days you just need a little more color to put a pep in your step and a smile on your face and this outfit does that for me. What do you have in your closet that is bright and cheerful and makes you feel great when you wear it? Go look for it and put it on and let that great feeling carry you into Fall! I'm going to do just that with this grape popsicle top! And maybe, I'll eat a grape popsicle while I'm at it. Hmmm...are there any in the freezer?!

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Karen said...

I definitely see what you mean about the leggings Debbie! There is some black in the dress and it just pulls it all together! This looks to be one of those versatile pieces that, as you said, works as a summer dress and also as a transitional piece! I do love florals and the colors here are so pretty! Cute sandals too! I didn't know that Crocs made things this stylish! Florals do make me feel more cheerful too - like walking in a garden!

Sharon said...

The floral pattern and color of your tunic/dress is gorgeous! Describing it as a grape popsicle fits the color perfectly. I didn't know Crocs made sandals like the ones you bought from Poshmark. I think of the heavier clogs when I think of Crocs. Your sandals are lovely and seem so versatile.