Friday, January 15, 2021

Why I Love Long Cardigans

 What I Wore At The Drive-Thru

I couldn't resist adding the title about what I wore at the drive-thru to this post. Getting even a little dressed up right now is a big deal and I wanted to style my long cardigan with this outfit and tell you why I love long cardigans in general. 

Underneath the cardigan I wore my tan tunic/dress over brown skinny pants that, to me, are more like leggings anyway. It's a bit of a monochromatic look with different shades of brown being used in the styling. Every time I wear brown I am reminded of how much I like the color. 

For added warmth I layered my long southwestern style cardigan over the outfit. Shades of brown again with a background of cream. I really like adding long cardigans to my outfits because they bring added warmth. The length keeps my legs extra warm. Long cardigans can also double as a coat on days that aren't freezing. Today was that kind of day so this was all I needed to run my errands....including going through the drive-thru! (wink) These cardigans are less bulky than many coats and I love them for wearing as a coat in Fall and Spring, as well. 

You can also add a bit of extra style, like I did here, with the addition of a belt. The belt defines my waist and adds one more layer of brown. This outfit is built on layers which can be added or subtracted depending on temperature and styling desires. Short cardigans can be belted as well so check out your own closet for sweaters, belts and outfits that can be layered and have some fun creating new looks. I think you will enjoy the versatility that sweaters/cardigans can give to your own stylings. 
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Sharon said...

I like every piece of your layered outfit! And brown is definitely a color that you wear very well; it looks great on you. I especially like the dress you layered over your brown pants. When I can get back into a store, I will be looking for a long cardigan. You have shown how very versatile they are.

Iris said...

LOVE long cardigans - I need to add more of those to my wardrobe (especially since I'm out and about so much now - ha!).

Cute outfit altogether.
Grace & Peace, Iris

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks Sharon and Iris! Long cardigans are great.