Sunday, July 25, 2021

Back Porch Happenings

Daily Life On The Back Porch

Hello everyone!  Thought I would share some pictures from our back porch as it is right now.  I love this time of the summer because the flowers that one planted back in May are really full and gorgeous at this point.  How beautiful are the colors on this lantana bloom?  

The new guinea impatiens and gold lantana are also doing incredibly well at the moment. You'll notice that the flowers are in an oblong arrangement here. We have changed that around as you will see in a moment. 

Another up-close view of the impatiens. I can't believe how well these have done this summer and that they have not been eaten by deer! Fingers crossed that the good luck continues!

The butterflies have been loving the flowers and I was fortunate enough to catch this butterfly on the gold lantana. So beautiful!

We recently purchased a fountain for our back porch. We had one just like this many years ago at our previous house and decided that we would enjoy having one for this house. After putting it together ( it is VERY heavy) we decided it was too big for the area it is in and decided to break it down into two fountains. 

So this is what part of the fountain is looking like right now. I really like this arrangement myself, but The Mr. is thinking that we may use the big clamshell as the bottom on the other parts of the fountain and put the black pump you see here in a black, round fountain liner that we bought. So, stay tuned until we make up both of our minds, LOL! I do like the flowers arranged around this fountain design, though. 

And I guess I'll just go ahead and share a couple more pics of this dress in the spirit of "What I Really Wore."  I wore this dress to my flute lesson last week. I don't think I have shown it on the blog before. It is a simple summer dress by MSK (I think). I love the mix of colors and, of course, the emphasis on blue. I have tried to wear my summer dresses more this summer and get use out of them. 

With sleeveless tops and dresses I tend to keep a sweater nearby in case of cooler temps or AC inside places. I won't even tell you how long I have had this particular sweater but I will tell you it is one of my absolute favorites! The sandals are Clark's and are very, very cushiony and comfortable. I just haven't worn sandals that much this summer, preferring to wear my closed Skechers or tennis shoes, but for this dress I put on the sandals. I found this outfit to be so comfortable that I wore it all day and even did housecleaning in this. 

I've decided that this style of dress is a favorite of mine and I have about three MSK dresses that I really, really enjoy wearing. I'll share another one with you in a future post.

So, that's the news from my back porch including a little fashion. I hope your week is off to a great start. I'll be back later in the week with more about daily life recently. See you then!

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Karen Anderson said...

Beautiful flowers Debbie! Lantana is one of my favorite container flowers because it comes in such gorgeous colors! Beautiful fountain! I found one I'll be getting (balcony-sized!) because the sound of water flowing is so relaxing. I do like that dress you're wearing!

Sharon said...

Your flowers are gorgeous, Debbie! The colors are so vibrant. And how nice they look around your new fountain! Your dress is so summery, and I really like both the color and the pattern of the fabric.

Iris said...

LOVE all your flowers and fountain. Will be interested in seeing how it turns out as you change the fountain. Cute dress too, love the style.