Thursday, July 8, 2021

Summer Days Are Fleeting

 Making The Most Of Summer

Summer days are fleeting, my dear readers, so I hope that you are enjoying every moment of every day. I certainly have been trying to soak up all the sunshine, flowers and friendships that are part of fun summer days. 

Yesterday, my friend, Natalie, and I enjoyed just such a fun summer day together at The North Carolina Arboretum. We soaked in all the sunshine, flowers and sculptures at the Arboretum while The Mr. and Natalie's husband, Rex, enjoyed a hike off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. The four of us have been friends for many, many years but haven't been able to spend time together for quite awhile. It has been lovely to re-connect and catch up this week. Rex and Natalie are also enjoying the sites while staying in Lake Lure. Remember my post on Lake Lure? Be sure to check it out if you missed it. 

The flowers were just gorgeous and we snapped many photos as we walked and chatted. This is the summer quilt garden and I love the mix of yellow with lavender and purple. So very pretty!

I wish I were as gifted as the folks who plant the arboretum flowers in such unique ways such as this outcrop of rocks. 

The Arboretum also has unique plants such as a collection of Bonsai trees that are carefully tended by the staff. 

Not much wildlife was seen although we did spy a couple of lizards sunning on a rock. The Mr. and I have actually seen this type of lizard around our house. Don't know the exact type to name this lizard properly. We call the one at our house, "Leo the Lizard," so perhaps this is Leo's cousin. 

Of course, the arboretum always has some type of fun art or sculpture displays and this metal bird was a great addition to the greenery.  There is also a wonderful nature photography exhibit inside The Baker Center which we enjoyed. No photos were allowed of that exhibit, however. 

Meanwhile, the guys were enjoying a good hike together at Big Butt Trail.  Yep, that's the name of the trail. The elevation on this trail got up to 5961 feet and is near Mt. Mitchell.

There were gorgeous views along the trail.  It was cloudy with big vistas. 

And some beautiful berries and greenery along the way. 

Summer is such a wonderful time for soaking up all of the goodness of flowers, friendship, hiking, awesome views and more! I plan to enjoy every moment. How about you? 

Be sure to leave a comment and let me know how you are enjoying summer days. Be sure to enjoy every moment, Ok? 

Until Next Time,

*Photography by Bill and Debbie Ross


Rex Dillinger said...

Our week here at Lake Lure has flown by. It has been great week for Natalie and me. We really enjoyed our stay at Pine Gables Cabins. It was nice to see you and Bill again. As always I enjoyed hiking with Bill. It is hard to believe he and I have been doing these hikes off and on for 51 years. I am thankful that both of us are still good shape and able to do these hikes. Hopefully there are many more ahead in the future.
Take Care,

Sharon said...

I really enjoyed this blog post with the lovely pictures and your stories of how you're spending the summer. I'm glad you're enjoying and savoring this season!

Debbie Styles Life said...

We hope you all can visit often and enjoy more hikes, Rex! said...

I’m trying to savor this summer,Sharon, and I am so glad you enjoyed the post!