Sunday, July 11, 2021

What I Really Wore

 Truth Telling With Fashion

Hey everyone!  I don't know about you, but sometimes I look at what fashion icons are sharing online and I think to myself, "Is that what they really wore to ____?" It just seems far fetched that they would really wear certain things because it just didn't look comfortable. So today, I'm sharing what I really wore when The Mr. and I went out to lunch and to kick around for a bit. 

As you look at this outfit I feel I can hear you saying, "Did she really wear that outfit to lunch with tennis shoes on?"  Yep, I really did.  I was actually wearing a pair of Skechers with this outfit around the house but when we got ready to leave I decided to change shoes to these. I just never really know when The Mr. and I go out if we will end up walking somewhere or just eating and cruising around so I like to be prepared in case there is a lot of walking. So, that's the reason for the tennis shoes. Plus our restaurant choices are never of the 5 Star variety. Usually, places like Subway or Jersey Mike's. So, dressing up to the hilt is not necessary. I wish I were able to wear cute high heeled shoes around and feel comfortable in them but those days are gone, I'm afraid! I'm keeping it real here, people! And while Skechers would have been just fine for walking around stores they are not what I would wear on the trail had we ended up on one. 

I actually had chosen a totally different top to wear with these white capris when I got dressed this morning. But then, I felt too warm and went back for a sleeveless hot pink top. Then, I felt like I needed just a little something on my arms as the house was a tad cool so I opted for this hot pink duster to wear over the hot pink top. I wouldn't normally have put these two items together but I sure am glad I did. I think they are a perfect match! 

And here's a little trick I've been using whenever I wear tops that are a little bit wider necked like this one is and I don't want the top to accidentally flop forward and show too much skin. I choose a longer necklace and wear it. The necklace holds the top against me and works like a charm! Of course, the duster holds the top against me, as well, but if I took off the duster the necklace would come in handy!

I guess the point of today's post is to share that I think it's perfectly fine to wear items out that feel good and comfortable even if it seems that there is a less dressy item being worn with the outfit. I think we all probably have clothing that we really like but we choose not to wear because we don't have the "right" shoes or jacket or whatever to wear with that particular item. Perhaps we need to just go ahead and wear it and not worry about the rest. It's like saving the fancy dishes for "good" and then never using them because the right occasion never happens. Same with our clothes. It's best to wear and enjoy what we own and not worry about extraneous things like occasions or the right shoes, etc. 

What do you think about all of this? Are you OK mixing less dressy items with outfits? Do you wear tennis shoes with dressier pants and/or tops? Are you saving the dishes for "good?" Be sure to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. I enjoy hearing from you!

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Lovely said...

I would say wear whatever you want! As long as you feel confident, you’ll look beautiful.

Sharon said...

The title of your blog post was intriguing, and I was hooked from the beginning of your post! I am with you all the way with comfort. I have done the same thing when I thought I might end up on a longer walk or hike. Your outfit is really pretty, and I like the tip about the necklace holding your top in place. A principal in a school where I once worked told the staff, "I would like for you to dress professionally, but I don't care what you wear on your feet. You can even wear bedroom slippers if you want to. You are on your feet a lot during the day, and you need to be comfortable." So, this principal would agree with your philosophy on clothes and comfort too!

Debbie Styles Life said...

I agree, Lovely, that the best thing is to wear what we want. Feeling confident is a large part of feeling beautiful. I love hearing from you!

Debbie Styles Life said...

What good advice your principal gave you, Sharon! I think the school code of dressing has really "stuck" with me and it is has been hard for me to adjust to a more comfortable way of dressing in retirement. The idea that I can make my own "rules" has taken me awhile to accept! I agree with you that being comfortable is best! Love hearing from you!

Iris said...

Well goodness, I wouldn't be caught dead in what a lot of the 'fashions' are these days, and the older I get the more I am about comfort.

Love your hot pink. I love bright colors.... I'm wearing black today :-(

You look just fine.

Karen Anderson said...

I'm just catching up after a week of camping with no internet. I appreciate how you are real Debbie! Where I live, people just don't dress up much for casual things. I like your combination of pink and looks so fresh, and your shoes are practical in case of a surprise hike! I prefer real over seeing someone posting brand new items daily, because that's just not practical for many of us. You look great!