Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Nothing A Little Disco Can't Help


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Hello everyone! Are you wearing your boogie shoes? If not, you probably will want to put them on because I'm in a kind of disco mood, if you know what I mean, and I need some dance partners!

As you can see, I am even supplying a disco ball! Can't you just see the lights twirling on the floor as we whirl and twirl and get down?! I think Kool & The Gang are playing right now. Come on know you're starting to move a little.

Are you wondering if Debbie has flipped her lid?  No, I've just been doing a little kitchen dancing tonight. I've been feeling a little off the last few days and just a bit stressed. Walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes tonight didn't seem to help and as I was cleaning up the kitchen I decided I needed a little motivation so I looked over some of my CD collection (yeah, old school I know) and my Disco Inferno collection just seemed to jump off the shelf. 

Did you know that it is impossible to listen to disco without dancing? Yep, uh-huh, just can't be done. I can also attest to the fact that cleaning the kitchen goes much faster and is much more enjoyable with disco music playing (actually blasting) in the background. 

The funny thing about listening to this music at age 62 is that my mind immediately goes back to when I was in college and thought I was the Disco Queen. I have to admit that I could cut a pretty good rug in those days. And, yes, there may have been a Toga Party in my past. I behaved, don't worry. Thank goodness there weren't the phone cameras back then that there are now. EVERYTHING goofy kids do nowadays is recorded for posterity! Luckily, there are no pictures of me in a toga. But, I digress. 

As I was gyrating around the kitchen tonight I kept picturing the 19 year old Debbie and thinking how cool I was looking. In fact, I decided to videotape myself on my phone. I thought maybe my blog readers would enjoy seeing me boogie. 

Then, I watched the video......

Delete, Delete, Delete!!!

Oh my goodness, it was not a pretty picture. I think I'll keep my boogie sessions to myself from now on. 

But, you know what? I felt SO much better after spending several minutes just blasting disco music and dancing around the kitchen while I washed the counters and stacked dishes in the dishwasher and polished the glass stove top. I was having SO MUCH FUN!! 

And, after I turned off the music, my stress was much better as was my mood. I highly recommend trying this in your own kitchen. 

It's too bad that The Mr. hates disco.  Always has, always will.  He went to one dance with me when we were in college. He came home from his college and came to my college to take me. We were just starting to date seriously and he wanted to impress me. And I guess I wanted to impress him. I was so excited to wear my thin-strapped tan and lace evening gown that I had won from a sorority that I didn't belong to and he looked so handsome in his blue suit and tie. 

As my mother-in-law likes to tell the story, she and The Mr.'s stepdad had never heard of me before that night when The Mr. came running down the steps in his suit and seeing the astonished look on his parents' face told them, as he walked out the door, "Her name is Debbie and that's all I'm saying." She still laughs over this years later.  The Mr. can be a man of few words. And he didn't enjoy the dancing. Or the disco. But, I still love him and since we are married for over 38 years I guess my being the Disco Queen must have impressed him to some degree! I have gotten him to slow dance with me on rare occasions. But, I'm a loner when it comes to breaking out the disco!

I hope you aren't feeling down or stressed. But, if you are, why not go to your kitchen right this very minute and crank up some disco, baby! Cleaning the kitchen is totally optional!! 

Disco not your thing? Agree with The Mr.?  Well, just pick the music that is your thing and start dancing. Picture yourself at 19 again cutting a rug. 

But, you might not want to videotape it!! 

(I'm just sayin' from personal experience!)

If you need some music to get yourself going here's Kool & The Gang. Told you they were playing! Let's do some Celebrating!!!

After all, feeling down is nothing a little disco can't help!

Until Next Time,



Karen Anderson said...

What a great story, and it sure took me back! I used to go dancing every Friday night. Remember the disco line dances? I have a lot of CD's, and I love listening to them, especially when I'm working around the house. Disco was a special era. My friend and I saw Saturday Night Fever countless times and tried to learn to dance like the women in the movie! I loved the story about your date with your husband! Really put a smile on my face! Really fun post!

Linda said...
In recent months I've played this song numerous times.
I haven't been dancing,
but go back in my mind to Paolo's Pizza.
I often heard this song there,
while enjoying good times with my family
and the owners, Joann and Paul,
who now live in Italy and still stay in touch.
Thank you.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hi Karen: I sure do remember those line dances! So much fun to try. The local community college offers line dancing and I have considered taking the class sometime. I'm so glad you enjoyed the post and it took you back to some fun memories.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hi Linda: Isn't it wonderful how certain songs evoke happy memories? I'll bet Paolo's Pizza was a fun place to hang out. And we know they played great music! (wink). I'm glad you are able to stay in touch with Joann and Paul in Italy.

Sharon said...

What a fun post, Debbie! I could just hear the music and imagine you dancing around your kitchen. I dance around my kitchen too sometimes, with or without music, and I agree that I'm in a better mood afterwards. I smiled all the way through your post, and I'm also in a better mood just reading about your music and dance experiences! It's a great idea to take a line dance class sometime. That is something I would be interested in doing too.

Iris said...

This is a fun post. I'm kinda like your Mr. I do love the music and can feel the dancing - but I just don't have the 'beat'.

Glad you found something to make you feel better - and music is the best - whether you can dance or not.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Sharon. I think kitchen dancing is great!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Glad you enjoyed the post, Iris. I think you and The Mr. are of the same mind when it comes to disco! (wink)