Saturday, September 25, 2021

Easy To Make DIY Tiered Tray

 A Fall Single Tier Tray

Hello everyone!  I've been a bit on the lazy side about blogging this past week. I think the colder temps we have had sent me into hibernation mode! Since we are now officially into Fall I thought I would share a bit more of my Fall decor with you. Today, I am showing you how to fashion your own DIY tiered tray without going out and buying one. The one hitch is that mine is a single tier tray rather than a multi-level tray. But, if you are okay with that then you can put together this single tier tray in only a few minutes. You can let me know in the comments what you think. 

Tiered trays are all the rage right now and can be decorated for all seasons and holidays. But, they can be expensive to purchase and then one must find (or buy) all of the little decor pieces to display on them. Plus, finding a spot to display them and then store them for later isn't always easy. So, here is my easy-peasy solution. I took an empty wide ribbon spool that I had saved and covered it with Fall colored ribbon securing it at the back. 

I placed a plastic orange charger plate on top of the spool and then decorated the charger with these items that were in a $5 tiered tray starter set from Target. 

I actually tried using just a regular plate the first go round but somehow this just didn't look right. Plus, I was afraid the plate might fall and break. 

So, I picked up a couple of very inexpensive chargers at Hobby Lobby figuring I can use them for Fall table settings when not in use as a tiered tray. I realize this isn't your typical tiered tray but I think it looks good and fits the kind of look I wanted. And the pieces can be used for other decorating if I don't want to use them on this tray so that makes everything versatile. 

In other decor news, I picked up some faux white pumpkins to add to my flower arrangement that sits atop our pantry cabinet in the dining room. I really am pleased with how this arrangement turned out. 

And, I treated myself to this new pumpkin. I think it is so pretty with the white leaves on the silvery background. 

It looks pumpkin-perfect on top of this table with the blue vase on the bottom in our dining room. This table matches our foyer table in case you are wondering about the resemblance!

So, I think it's a wrap for Fall decor at our house now! Hope you got a few ideas to use or some inspiration for Fall. I can't believe how cool it has gotten so quickly. I know we will be back and forth with temps for awhile but, even so, Fall is definitely letting us know it has arrived!

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Unknown said...

I love your fall decorations. You have some clever decorating ideas. Thanks for sharing.
Lynne Edwards

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Lynne! Appreciate your lovely comment. Take care.

Sharon said...

I think your tiered tray is so very creative, and it works very well with your lovely new fall display. The arrangement on top of your pantry cabinet is beautiful! Your new silvery pumpkin is one of the prettiest I've seen. I agree that fall is here with the cooler temperatures, and your fall decor is perfect to welcome fall.

Iris said...

You always have such pretty decorations. I love your little pumpkins and everything, especially the silver pumpkin with white on it.