Sunday, April 24, 2022

Cassie Cat Chat: Cassie and Garden Take Over The Blog

 Five Things To Know About Cassie and Garden

“Stop it! Take your paw off this keyboard right now, Garden!”

“You stop it, you little furball punk! Love said I could help with the blog post too!”

“I am the senior cat by one year and I will be the feline in charge of this post. If you don’t move away right now I’m gonna go get Softie and see what He thinks about you throwing your catitude around!”

“Fine! I’m going to my office if you need me!

“Your office is a cushion behind the green chair where you sleep all day!”

“Meow, Meow, Meow!! Smell you later, catigator!”


“Well, now that Garden is off to her office I can finally get some blog work done. Let’s see, what would my….I mean….Love’s readers want to know about? Hmmmm...Oh, I know! How about 5 things you need to know about Cassie and Garden? I’m certain that everyone out in blog land wants to know more about us! Let’s see, where are the number buttons on the keyboard? Oh yes, here they are! Let’s get started before Garden comes back and gets me all furstrated! This post will be just purrrrfect!”

  1. We both found Love and Softie at the same shelter. I knew immediately that I wanted to adopt them both. Garden had to visit with them several times before she decided to bring them home. That figures. Garden couldn’t possibly have the discerning taste that I have. 

  2. My full name is Cassandra McClaws Charlotte Ross. I was called Cassandra when I adopted Love and Softie and they shortened my name, most of the time, to Cassie which I am fine with. Charlotte was added to my name after Princess Charlotte was born to Prince William and Duchess Katherine. Because, well it’s obvious isn’t it? I have royal cat blood running through my veins. 

  3. Both my cat sister and I have children although they never call or write which is too bad. There is nothing quite as heartbreaking as a thankless litter of kittens. 

  4. Garden and I each have our own hobbies. Mine are of a more artistic nature, of course. I enjoy locating pencils and putting them in safe spots such as under the rugs and chairs. That way, if I wish to draw I will know where a pencil is located. Garden enjoys hunting face masks and leaving them lying littered along the hallway. As if she is performing a great service to catkind and humankind. Hmmph. 


“Hey, fur face how’s the blog post coming along? Need any help?”

“Garden, I thought you were in your office napping. Move over, I’m just completing the post.”

“I was. I took what you might call a short cat nap. A mini nap as it were. Let’s see what you got here…..”

“Get out of my way, Garden! Scoot over and stop reading over my shoulder! Oh, alright….you can write the #5 thing to know about us!”


  1. “Man, has she been feeding you readers a whole lot of cat crap! She has royal blood, my furry bum! And I will have you know that hunting face masks comes quite naturally to me. Just like when I hunt ‘Queen Cassandra’s’ favorite toy mouse and bury it in the sandbox. Heh, heh, you oughta see her furry face when she goes looking for her ‘Mousie Mouse’! Oh yeah and my name was Garden at the shelter and it’s still Garden. Sometimes, Love and Softie call me ‘Gardenia’ but usually it’s just plain Garden. Whatever.”

“Garden, let me see what you wrote. I might need to edit it…what did you say? I am too royalty. What??? You hid my mouse in the sandbox? I knew it had to be you. Alright, you’ve had it you little furry faced monster!”

“Heh, heh. Thought you’d like that. Hey watch it, move over, you’re in for it now. This isn't how royalty should act. I’m calling Love on the ipaw right now!”

                                           Sound of phone dialing and ringing.

“Hello, hello?  Cassie and Garden, is that you calling? You two had  better not be fighting while I’m away. Look girls, do not make me come down there early from my trip!!!!”


Until Next Time,

Cassie and Garden


Karen Anderson said...

I just love these posts! These two need to write a book!! Those last two pictures are SO cute!!!

Joy said...

I love this. xx

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Karen. I am thinking of writing a book but please don't tell my sister. She will want to stick her paw into it!

Debbie Styles Life said...

I'm glad you enjoyed my post, Joy!

Sharon said...

Garden and Cassie,
You are quite the pair! I really enjoy your posts, and I'm secretly glad when you get a chance to write while Love is out of town. Of course, I am a big fan of Love's posts, but the two of you bring a special feline perspective to the blog. I also hope you will seriously consider writing a book!