Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Playing With Styling What Looks Best

 Trying Out Stylings

Hi everyone!  I've been spending some time playing with clothes in my closet and experimenting with different looks. I can't say that I love all the looks I'm going to share with you today but it was helpful for me to try out some new stylings and also to take pictures of them. A picture is truly worth a thousand words when it comes to styling. My hope for you is to get some good ideas for how to style some of your outfits and how colors work or don't work. Be sure to tell me what you think in the comments!

First up is a mustard yellow swing style dress that I thrifted recently. I have to admit that this color is probably not the best against my fair skin but I have been wanting some yellow tone pieces to wear and this dress caught my eye. It is a crepe material, fully lined and is very comfortable. I know it would be a terrific summer dress. I'm not sure it is for me, however. I decided to wear a belt with it since without one it is very flowy and makes me look big. You'll see that on the next photo. Anyway, I am wearing a thin black belt, black shoes and a black choker style necklace. 

Here is how the dress looks without the belt. What do you think? With or without the belt? And what about the color against my skin tone? 

Next up is a light blue skirt worn with a cobalt blue shirt. I decided to try tying the shirt at the waist and seeing how that would look.

Hmmm...can't say I love this look either. The shirt would be too long if I left it untied. I like the cobalt blue color with the lighter blue in the skirt. But, the overall look doesn't do much for me. What do you think? I've had a really hard time finding any top that seems to work with this skirt.

Here's another try with a patterned top with the light blue skirt. This looks pretty good if I wanted a super casual look in the summer. But, I still feel that the top needs to be just a little shorter. The jury is out on this look. What do you think? 

Sometimes, just looking in the mirror is not enough for me. I need to try pieces out several ways and even take a picture! Doing all of that can help me to see what works and what doesn't with style. How about you?

I love hearing from you!

Until Next Time,


Karen Anderson said...

Hi Debbie! This is a good idea to try different things we already have in our closets in new ways. I personally like the yellow dress unbelted. I don't think that makes you look big, quite the opposite, actually. It's difficult to tell about skin tone in the photos here, but do understand. I bought a mustard yellow top a few years ago and also have very fair skin. I loved the top but eventually thought it wasn't working for my skin. It's often trial and error, but way easier to let thrifted things go if you decide that way! That light blue skirt is so pretty and fresh for warmer weather! It might work with a white top and a scarf with the blue in it. I agree about shorter tops with longer skirts. It seems to balance proportions. I like the idea of getting in the closet and trying different things as you have done. Any of these ideas will work, it's all what makes you feel best!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Karen, for your comments. I was hesitant to put any of these looks online as I wasn't really happy with them. But, sometimes that can be helpful to others to see. I really love all of these pieces as individual pieces so I will need to think about whether I want to keep them in my closet or not. I agree. It doesn't sting as much to let them go since most of these items were thrifted. Not the skirt, unfortunately!

Sharon said...

I always am inspired when I see how you try on different already owned items to create different looks. I like the yellow dress without the belt, and I think it looks good on you. I understand about our perception of color against our skin and/or hair. When I look in my closet, I can see by the colors that I don't branch out much to newer and different colors. I really like that blue skirt, but I also have struggled with an item to find something that looks just right with it. The casual top looks so comfy, but I also like Karen's suggestion of a white shirt and a scarf with blue. I think whatever is comfortable and pleasing to you works!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Sharon. Sometimes, it takes a lot of bravery to show these outfits I try out so I appreciate your support. I will try a white top with the blue skirt and see how that looks. If it doesn't work I think I will move it on. Some people look so cute in blouses tied at the waist, but unfortunately, I am not one of those people, LOL!

Iris said...

Okay you asked, so here goes. I love the yellow dress without the belt. I'd have to have it a bit longer, but the color is great (of course, yellow IS my favorite color).

Love the blue skirt in both outfits. I'm not good at tying tops at the waist, but I like it on other people, love it on your. Also like the skirt with the long top - that's probably the way I'd wear it.

Enjoyed the styles