Friday, May 20, 2022

A Return To Saturday Scriptures


Scripture from Thessalonians to encourage one another
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Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.
I Thessalonians 5:11

Hello friends!  I am excited to announce that I am returning to doing a "Saturday Scriptures" post at least during the summer months. We will take it a few months at a time and see how it goes. Today's scripture from Thessalonians really speaks to my heart as I have had a week that has brought physical pain from a rib injury and with it came an overwhelming feeling of discouragement. Have you ever been in a similar situation? It might not have been a physical injury but, perhaps, a hurt of another kind that just seemed to cause the day (or days) to be cloudy and gray and you just felt like sitting down and crying. 

That's how I have felt this week. 

I was looking forward to doing all sorts of things around the house and, instead, I have been sitting around feeling pain and wondering if I am becoming "old" before my time. My feelings of discouragement came to  a point yesterday when I finally reached out to ask for help, calling on friends to pray for me. Their kind words, prayers and texts and emails helped to lift me from my gloominess and gave me hope that better days are ahead. And, indeed, today has been a better day not only in terms of pain relief but in terms of my mood and how I feel about myself. Hope is there today that wasn't there yesterday. 

I Thessalonians 5:11 tells us that encouraging others is important. And you know what? Encouragement can come in many forms and it doesn't have to cost a cent. Calling someone, writing them a card, note or letter, sending an email or text are all ways to reach out to someone to offer them words of love, healing and hope. Of course there are other ways to offer encouragement that take a little more time, effort (and money) such as sending or taking a person flowers or preparing them a meal. The key here is to think about how one can offer encouragement. It can mean the world to others. And, I believe that offering words of encouragement in addition to praying for the person is very important. 

I certainly know that the encouragement and prayers I received this week has meant the world to me. 

I feel like there are dual blessings to be found when we encourage each other. The person who gives encouragement is as blessed as the receiver. It's a wonderful feeling. And it's wonderful to follow the will of God in such a beautiful way. 

So, when have you given encouragement? When have you received encouragement? I hope you will share in the comments. I love hearing from you!

Be Blessed,

6 comments: said...

How wonderful that you have friends to pray for you and bring you the encouragement and support you needed. I have surely felt my age lately. I see a difference in the way I am moving, in my stamina (or lack of), and that I am just not as steady on my feet. Hope this too shall pass!!

Debbie said...

Hi Leslie: I think we all feel changes as we age. I know I sure do. God is very faithful to us and reminds us that He knows every hair we have on our head! He loves us and watches over us, even (and especially) on those days when we don’t feel our best! Have a wonderful week ahead my bloggy friend!

Linda said...

Yes, indeed. My father passed in February of 2021. The words and cards and other gestures of expressed sympathy and comfort were most helpful. And God's enfolding love helped me to work slowly through the grief process which carried extra layers to the grif process for me, since my father had lived his last year with visitation restrictions due to COVID.
On Monday morning, I received a phone call. My siser-in-law had experienced a cardiac arrest on the way to the ER. She was on a ventilator. It has been a challenging week, with Judie on life support leaving my brother with decisions to be made. I have felt some of the same emotions you mentioned in your post today.
Thank you for sharing where you have been emotionally this past week. Your thoughts and words are a source of encouragement for your readers.
May God bless you with His healing touch.
I'll appreciate your prayers for our family.

Sharon said...

Debbie, your beautiful post is encouraging too! Those personal gray and cloudy days can be difficult. Thanks for writing about your experience, and I hope you continue to feel hope and encouragement.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hi Linda: Of course I will be praying for your family as Judie is on life support and your brother deals with so many decisions. Things like this impact the whole family, I know. And I'm very sorry that your last year with your Dad had to be impacted with Covid restrictions. That kind of thing has affected so many families. Thank you for sharing with us and thank you for your prayers for me, as well. Encouragement comes in many forms and hearing from you has encouraged me today!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Sharon, for your encouragement of me which helped me so very much!! You are a dear friend, indeed!