Monday, August 29, 2022

How To Create An Early Fall Tiered Tray

 DIY Early Fall Vignettes

Hello friends! In only two days it will be September and I know that many of us are thinking of ways that we can change out some of our home decor to reflect an early Fall theme. 

I prefer not to go all out, just yet, with a lot of orange. To me, early Fall decor is more about finding ways to use Earth tones in unique ways. Think off-whites, browns, muted reds and light greens. 

I was so excited to find my double metal tiered tray at the Tractor Store over the summer and have been keeping my eye open for items that I think will work for decorating the tray. I was so pleased to find the decorated apple designs that you see on the tray when I was browsing recently at our local Re-Store/Habitat store. They were in a bag for only one dollar! I scooped them up right away thinking about using them on my tiered tray. I think they are so pretty and unique. I also found the wooden off-white pumpkin that same day. The round Fall sign is what I consider the "anchor piece" for this vignette. I always like to have something that anchors or pulls together the whole vignette. I found the sign at Walmart and it was very inexpensive. Walmart has a lot of Fall decor to offer these days at good prices. I was able to buy a net bag full of earth toned pumpkins, the big acorn and the leaves for a very low price. The plaid pumpkin came from there, as well. 

On the floor below where the tiered tray is displayed is this farmhouse style plant stand that I got at Hobby Lobby awhile back. I decided that these colorful wooden leaves would look good draped across the chair. I thrifted the wooden leaves years ago at Goodwill and have enjoyed using them each year in various displays. They may move to the front door a little later but, for now, I like them here on the chair. 

I know that hot weather is going to be with us for a long while yet and, believe me, I'm not wanting to rush headlong into colder weather! But, there is something exhilarating about changing seasonal decor in the home that gives me pleasure and makes me feel creative. I'll continue to add more Fall touches along the way as September continues and will be sure to share those touches with you, as well. 

How are you decorating for early Fall? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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Sharon said...

Your creative juices are really flowing shown by these gorgeous fall vignettes you have created! It's a great idea to give a hint of fall through earthy tones as you have done with your home decor. I have been thinking about the transition to fall so your post is inspiring.

Iris said...

Oh, I love your "Pre-fall" decorations. I'm tired of summer and ready for falling leaves and decor. Your little wooden leaves on that rustic stand fit in really well and I love all the little colored apples (or whatever they are). You're inspiring me to get some fall things out.