Sunday, September 4, 2022

Fall Dress and Healthy Eating


Hello friends. It's interesting to me that each change of season brings with it the desire to change up our clothing a bit and, of course, to vow to ourselves to eat right. In today's post I'm sharing my attempt to do both as the Fall seasons appears.

I am so enjoying this dress and have worn it several times since purchasing it. I feel that the color and style are just perfect for Fall. This was one of those times that I saw a dress on the rack and quickly picked it out to buy knowing that it would work perfectly for me. And it has! I have looked and looked for this dress online to link it for you and haven't been able to find it. There was only one of this style available when I bought it. However, if you Google V-necked red dresses many choices will appear if you are interested in a similar style for yourself. I like that this dress isn't a glaring red color but has some brown tones mixed with it. More of a clay red color which definitely reminds me of Fall. The gauze type material is 100% cotton and very lightweight and comfortable. 

I've been trying to eat healthy and I achieve my goal about 75-80% of the time. This is a recent vegetarian dish that I really enjoyed. It uses ingredients I have shared before; steamer bag of long grain rice and steamed broccoli sauteed together with mandarin oranges added in the end. It's a tasty dish and I really enjoy knowing that I am getting whole grains, veggies and fruit all in one dish. Although I am not a full-blown vegetarian I do choose to eat vegetarian dishes a lot. More and more I enjoy finding protein in foods other than meats. 

 So many things start up again in the Fall. School has already started for many although no longer for me. The Mr. and I keep plenty busy now in retirement. I can't help but think about teachers and school schedules in the Fall, however. It was such a part of my life for so long. My church's handbell choir will start rehearsing again in a week so that will also keep me busy as I continue to be their director. I really enjoy handbells and am looking forward to being back with these folks. There is also tutoring and other church work to keep me busy. And trips back to WV to help with ill family members. I look forward to seeing the leaves change colors and fall to the ground. This is such a pretty time of year and soon we'll be feeling the crisp coolness of Fall mornings! 

What are you doing or looking forward to as Fall arrives? I look forward to hearing all about it!

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Sharon said...

Having seen that beautiful dress in person, I can say that it is just as lovely as it seems in the pictures. And I really like the shoes you paired with the dress. Your dish looks delicious and healthy. I'm also looking forward to fall with cooler mornings and colorful trees. I just bought a couple of fall quilt patterns. The quilts won't be made in time for this fall, but maybe by the time fall rolls around again.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Your quilts are always so beautiful, Sharon. I can't wait to see what you create for Fall!

Iris said...

Oh I LOVE THAT DRESS! I think I have a top made out of that kind of material and I love it. It's so comfty and always seems to go with things. I'm SO ready for fall colors (and temps). We've had such a seriously dry summer and then the last few days we've had floods. Seems to all come at one time these days.

I would love to hear your church handbells and I know you will enjoy them.

Thanks for the peek inside your world.