Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Cassie Cat Chat: The Christmas Fur Edition

 Pawsitively Ready For Christmas!

🎜🎝  "On the first day of Christmas my true cat gave to me....
🎝 "A dead mou-ouse under the tree...."

Garden, will you please stop singing that song?!  I'm trying to write a blog post for Love. 

Hey, can I help it if I'm in the Christmas spirit?! 

🎶Fa, la, la, la-la....la, la, lah.....lahhh.......

"You know you're not helping you little furball! Love has been sick and she asked me to write a post wishing all of her readers a Merry Christmas!"

Have you told her readers that Love has the pawronivirus?

Sigh...I was just getting to that. Get your four paws over here and help me find the keys. Wait, shove over, don't push me off the computer!


Anyway, as Garden was just rudely interrupting me and blurted out, Love has been sick with what she thought was a cold but turned out to be Covid.

Yeah, and we've been working our poor paws off trying to take care of her. 

That's true. I've barely gotten a cat nap in since she got sick, there has been so much to do!

Making sure the pillows are fluffed on the bed...

Giving her medicine when she needs it.....

And singing to her!!  🎜  "I'm dreaming of a full catbox...."

Garden, stop playing around! I need to get this post finished up! Go check out the food dish. 

Anyway, we have been very busy these last few days. Love is doing much better but has to continue to get better until Christmas according to orders from her veterinarian. 

Mumbled crunching from a distance...."And tell them that Softie isn't sick!"

I was just about to say that, Garden. Paws crossed that we don't have to put Softie in the kennel and take him to the vet!

So, that's the news. We all hope you have a fun and festive Christmas! Please remember the true meaning of Christmas and all of the animals surrounding baby Jesus in the manger. They were among the first to see Him!

And remind them of all the fun Christmas Movies like,"The Pawler Express and Frawsty the Furman!"

I just did, Garden. Maybe we could end this post by singing a song together? 

Hold on,  I'm coming to sing with you...

🎜 "Dashing down the hall, paws flying this-a-way
       O'er the bed we jump, meowing all the day
      Knocking over Love's glass, interrupting her nap
      We're awfully glad she loves us lots 
      And puts up with our crap! "  🎜

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Cassie and Garden 
(And Love and Softie too!)


*Cassie and Garden story by Debbie Ross
*photos by Bill Ross and Debbie Ross


Iris said...

Oh my, Boots and Emma Grace send their best wishes to the sick baby. Koda says he'll even wish her the best, and I'll throw in a prayer or two.

Sharon said...

Cassie, I'm so glad you were able to stand in for Love and write a blog post, and I'm glad you and Garden are attempting to take care of Love while she's sick. I always enjoy your writing, and I especially enjoyed your lyrics in this post. Please tell Love that I hope she feels better very soon. Merry Christmas to you, Garden, Love, and Softie!

Iris said...

Oh my, Emma Grace & Boots loved Garden's singing and will certainly be thinking about Love. Koda even sends his regards, though he was pretty noisy about it. All three of them with all ya'll a healthy Merry Christmas.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks Sharon and Iris for your kind comments! I'm doing much better and appreciate your prayers and well wishes. Merry Christmas to you both!