Thursday, March 23, 2023

Spare Room Redo and They're Back!

 My Room Is Finished

My room now reflects peace and tranquility

Hello everyone!  Remember I told you that I was redoing our spare room? The one I call, "my room?" Well, it's finished and I couldn't be more pleased. 

This is the room before we made the changes. It was really looking overcrowded. I decided that I wanted the room to reflect peace and tranquility and so I set about doing just that. The sofa bed couch was given to Goodwill as we just weren't using it anymore. If guests come we have other options. The Mr. painted the walls and I switched out the rug and the valances.

I almost got rid of this bookcase but changed my mind and kept it and I'm glad I did. It really is necessary for storage. This is another "before" pic. The bulletin board was moved to the other side of the room and I changed out the covering on it to match the other decor. 

This is the bookcase now. Much neater and holding useful items. I moved the ocean picture to be above the bookcase where I can gaze at it from my new blue chair. I tried to stick to a blue theme throughout the room. The new valances have stripes of blue against a light tan background which The Mr. and I both really like. They also allow light to shine in which I wanted. 

And the star of the show is my new blue swivel chair which I absolutely love! It is so pleasant to sit and swivel while reading or just "soonering" as my Mom used to say. She meant "thinking." Not sure where she came up with that word but it's what I do sometimes...just sit and sooner (think) about whatever! The round rug is one we were using in another part of our house. I decided it was perfect for my room with the blue/rose colors against a light beige background. It's smaller than the previous rug but I like it that way. I enjoy seeing the pretty wood floors. If you want to read more about how I picked out my chair you can read that post here

I'm just so pleased with how everything turned out. I feel accomplished with my choices for redoing and with the items I kept and the items I didn't keep. It took a lot of going through things and making decisions. That part was hard and I still have some items to go through and make decisions about. But I find that is a continual state as we go through life. The things I use are much more organized now and I can locate things more easily. I had some sticker shock with buying new items like the chair, paint and supplies, valances and a rug to replace the one I'm now using in the room. But, I got pretty good bargains along the way so that was good. And I had The Mr. to do the painting and move heavy pieces around for me! Thanks so much to him! Good friends also helped move the sofa bed couch to Goodwill which I truly appreciate!

I used light gray shelf paper to recover the bulletin board. It goes well with the blue throughout the room plus I have a couple baskets in the room that have gray tones in them. My pseudo quilt that I sewed is hanging from the board. It has a sand dollar charm hanging in the middle that my Mom bought for me when I was in college and we were at the beach for the very first time. 

 I framed the Serenity Prayer and I Corinthians 13 pictures that I have had forever and put them on the wall along with some other favorite items. Sharon, I hope you are okay with me hanging the snack mat on the wall. It's just too pretty to eat off of it!

This "R" is one of those cardboard letters you can buy at any craft store. I covered it with pretty blue scrapbook paper to hang on the wall. I thought the blue would blend well with the other blues in the room. 

And this is a zendoodle that I did several years ago and like to display. I really enjoyed creating this and it makes me feel "artistic" when I look at it!

This is a cute new sign I bought at Michael's to display in the room. At first I thought I would hang it on the wall but then I decided to place it in the window. The colors are a sort of blue/gray which matches the decor. And the bees are a reference to my name. "Deborah" means bee in Hebrew. 

Everything in "my room" is a reflection in some way of me and of the things that make me happy and have meaning in my life. I was quite specific when I told The Mr. that I wanted to redo the room that I wanted to make the choices for the decor myself. It pleases me that The Mr. really likes the outcome and it has inspired him to want to redo his study in ways that he likes. We laughingly called this room my "she shed room" so I guess his room can be his "man cave room." Of course, Cassie thinks this room is her "fur room." She steals my chair to sit in every chance she gets!

And look who's back! We are so relieved to see Mrs. Bear and her three cubs back in our yard. We had worried about not seeing any bears as of yet due to the new laws that allow bear hunting in bear sanctuaries. But, here they are!

These cubs are now yearlings and have grown so much since last summer! It really makes me feel like Spring is here when I see the bears arrive. 

How are you doing? Enjoying Spring? Seeing any bears? Redoing any rooms? Be sure to share in the comments. I would love to hear your comments on my room redo also!

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Anonymous said...

I love The change you need to your room! It’s so peaceful and comforting. So YOU! Congratulations for seeing your vision come to life. And, I never knew that Deborah means “bee!” I wondered when I first saw the sign in your window what its significance might “be.” 🤗 And your mama and bear cubs came to check out your new digs! Great pictures of them. I know how fun it must be to see them again. I never get tired of seeing bears in our neighborhood. We haven’t seen any this year yet.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you so very much! Like you, I never get tired of seeing the bears.

Anonymous said...

I love your room. It is very nice!! I hope to visit one day and see it in person!!! I’m not so excited about the bears 😉

Sharon said...

I so enjoyed this post, Debbie! It was fun to see how your room has changed with your before and after pictures. I really like the choices you made for your new "she shed"! From your chair to your rug to your new valances--everything goes together so well and reflects you. Using the snack mat on the wall is a good idea, and I'm glad you are enjoying it. I always like seeing pictures of your bears, and I'm glad they're back too! Thanks for sharing a great post.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you to the second anonymous person (Ora Kay???). I hope you can visit soon and see the room in person!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Glad you enjoyed the post, Sharon. I am truly enjoying my new room!

Iris said...

Oh, your room looks lovely. My house is so FULL that it just about would take a bulldozer to get it cleaned out.

I just have one question? Where is your sewing machine? Are you not using it anymore?

I do love that you're using things that you remember or new things that you love. That's what YOUR room should contain.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank Iris. I am enjoying the room. My sewing machine is in storage for now. Hope you have a wonderful week!