Friday, November 17, 2023

Style Ideas for Fall and An Update on River

 A Fall Outfit, Multi-Stick Makeup and River

Hi friends! It's almost Thanksgiving and you might be planning your meal, packing for travel or even starting to decorate for Christmas. With lots of holiday get togethers coming up, not to mention shopping and meeting up with friends, it's fun to think about how you might want to dress for some of these occasions. Today, I'm sharing a casual outfit that fits the bill for Fall, holiday and travel style. 

The star of this outfit is the blue and brown oversized scarf which was a Christmas gift from one of my sisters a few years ago. It is so pretty and pairs really well with my tan cords, blue top and tan cardigan. I added blue tennis shoes to pull a little more blue into the look. This outfit is comfortable and warm enough for colder Fall days as we move into the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. 

As you can see, River wanted to give me a hand with my modeling! More on him later. This outfit helped me to discover how good blue and brown/tan look together. So, go to your closet and see if you have some blue and some brown pieces that you could put together to create your very own look. I think you will enjoy the result!

Next up, I want to share my experimenting with the e.l.f. monochromatic multi-stick. Have you ever tried a multi-stick? It basically is stick makeup that can function as eyeshadow, blush and lipstick all in one. I have tried a couple other multi-sticks before but never the e.l.f. brand. I ordered it from Amazon to give it a try. 

This isn't the greatest pic to show the results but, as you can see, the color is very subtle. I'm wearing it on my eyelids, cheekbones and lips in this picture. I have found that I am mostly using the multi-stick for eyeshadow as I tend to like cream eyeshadows better. 

This shows the eyelid and lip color a little better. It was worth a $5 experiment from Amazon to try this multi-stick. e.l.f. offers several color choices. I'm wearing Sparkling Rose which has a slight shimmer. I do think this stick would be great for travel as it would take care of three make-up needs in one and reduce what you would need to pack. Just a thought. 

And now, what you all have been waiting update on our puppy, River!!

As you can see, our boy has really grown since we brought him home on July 11th! He is now 11 months old and has turned into a very big puppy! After beginning to wonder if our girls would ever come out of the bedroom again, they finally both decided to accept their new dog brother and everyone is now co-existing happily for the most part. Cassie seems to be fascinated by River and follows him around a lot. Garden likes to be a bit of a bully towards him and will swat him if he gets in her space. She also sits by his toys and he doesn't want to go near his toys and whimpers. He is a bit afraid of her which suits Garden just fine! We are continuing to do lots of training with him and have a personal trainer who visits us every couple of weeks to give us input and tips and to work with River. As far as day to day living is concerned he is doing great and responds pretty well to our commands. He is still struggling with being on a leash when hiking on a trail with The Mr. or when doing road walking. So that is still a skill that he must improve with drastically. We have read that labs don't fully mature until between two and four years of age (it depends on what you read online as to whether it is two years or four years). So, we are hoping that River will mature more on the two year spectrum but only time will tell. If there are dog owners reading, especially of black labs, please chime in with your experiences with dog training and their maturing, okay? River is a very loving dog and enjoys being right with us, sitting on our feet on the floor. And he thinks he's a lap dog and wants to sit on The Mr.'s lap all the time. He is too big for that but he does it anyway. I am not allowing him on my lap, however! He enjoys his toys and is gentle with his cat sisters which is just what we wanted in a dog. So....things are shaking together in our household. It was a rough first few weeks with my adjusting to having a dog once again. But, we are over the hump for which I am thankful!

Speaking of being thankful....what are your plans for Thanksgiving? I would love to hear from you in the comments. And stay tuned for my next post in which I will share how I have started decorating for Christmas. I am choosing carefully how I decorate this year due to our new four legged family member! So be sure to stop by next Tuesday to read that post!

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Joy said...

I really love that scarf. It is beautiful and suits you so well. Thanks for the make up recommendation - they sell it on the UK Amazon site so - surprise, surprise - I've ordered one. A very reasonable price too.
River looks adorable.

Laura said...

Hi Debbie! I have a scarf very similar to the one you are wearing on this post, nearly identical colors. The team is a great idea, but I don’t think that I have anything tan in my closet. Maybe khaki will work. I like that combo a lot and will work on finding a combo for my beautiful scarf. Will and Meg right it to me from South Africa and I’d really like to wear it. Thanks once again! for your inspiration.

I am so happy to hear about and see River again. He is so handsome!! How wonderful that he and his feline sisters have established relationships. They sound like they interact very much like human siblings at times, especially Garden and River! I can just picture Garden lying by River’s toys just daring him to come near them. Even your description cracks me up! I can imagine how funny it must be to watch it happen in person. Pets add so much joy to life. I’m glad that River brings new energy 😄 into your sweet family.

We are having Thanksgiving dinner with friends in Asheville. What will you be doing?

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Love your outfit!! Interesting type of makeup as I never heard of it before...It looks good on you!! What a sweet pup!! Our grand pup Faye did not lose her puppy antics until around 2 years old...She is a yorkie....Our Thanksgiving is going to be low key with just 3 of us. I will be delivering food to my son and DIL who will be 7 1/2 months pregnant with the Twins . She is still working and they will be going into work for midnight on Black Friday so they are staying home so she can rest....Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!

Sharon said...

Your post was chock full of information that I'm going to use! I really like your casual fall combo of blue and brown. That is not a combination I would have thought about, but I really do like it. I have never heard of a multi-stick, but I will definitely give that a try. I would like to update my make-up, and this seems to be the perfect way to do it. It's so nice to see a picture of River, Garden, and Cassie all together. It's great news that you are over the hump with River. Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your post and ideas. We have a labradoodle and 3 cats. All are getting along good except for 1 cat who doesn’t like anyone. Happy Thanksgiving!

Iris said...

Love your outfit - the blue & brown look great.

I have more family coming for Thanksgiving so will have a housefull. I've been sort of out if touch the last month as I've had some medical issues, so it will be especially good to see family - and they're all trying to take care of me, so I'll have a more relaxed Thanksgiving. Hope yours is a good one.