Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Mixing Paper and Glass Dishware on a Fall/Thanksgiving Table Setting

 Fall/Thanksgiving Tablescape For Two

Hello everyone!  Today, I am going to be sharing a beautiful table setting that will work perfectly for either a Fall meal or a Thanksgiving dinner. I'm using a mixture of paper products and glass dishes to create this tablescape.

Now, while some folks would never use paper products to create a holiday table setting, others feel differently. (I am one of those folks!) There are so many pretty and affordable paper products available these days that it is possible to create a really beautiful place setting. Plus, it cuts down on dishwashing which can be a true headache with lots of people attending a holiday meal. Of course, there is no right or wrong in terms of how one chooses to create their tablescape. I'm using solid white china plates as chargers under the paper plates for this tablescape but the paper plates would work just as well without them. It does make the place setting look a little dressier. 

I think the paper plates are so pretty especially since they include blue/teal pumpkins on them which match my blue glassware. The napkins are a nice contrast with a wonderful message on them. The placemats are woven and filled with gorgeous Fall leaves. And the gold and green leaf shaped plastic dishes would work perfectly to hold salad, desserts or side dishes for the meal. 

If you would like to create a similar tablescape you can check out the following locations. I purchased the paper plates and leaf shaped dishes at The Dollar Tree. The napkins were purchased a long while ago, I believe at the Tuesday Morning store. The placemats were purchased at our local grocery store, Ingles Market. They carry a large variety of Thanksgiving decorations so, if you live locally, check them out! I'm not being paid by any of these stores to mention them. I'm just letting you know where I bought the items for my tablescape.

How about you? Are you beginning to think about the holidays? Would you mix paper products with glass dishes on your table? Be sure to let me know in the comments section! I enjoy hearing from you! And once again, I will remind you to be sure to leave your name at the end of your comment if you are posting anonymously. Otherwise, I won't know who is leaving the comment and I may not guess correctly! (wink)

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Sharon said...

I think your tablescape is lovely! I like the way you have mixed paper and glass dishes along with the colors you have chosen. It all goes together so well. I have a few holiday items around my house, but your posts always inspire me!

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

I am also someone who occasionally mixes cute paper plates with real china. Your table is very cute and I like the mix of patterns. Happy Thanksgiving soon!

Joy said...

That is really beautiful, Debbie. I love that look. xx