Tuesday, November 21, 2023

A Sneak Peek At My Christmas Decor

 Gingerbread, Christmas Trees and Holiday Cheer

Hi friends!  It's taken me a little longer than expected to finish some of the decorating but, as I promised, here is a peek into this year's Christmas Decor at our house. Decorating this year has been a bit different because I have been very mindful of where I put decorations due to a certain new four legged family member! River is a voracious chewer and I don't want him to get into something that he shouldn't. So, fewer ornaments on the living room tree, other items put up high where he can't reach, etc. Above you see my gingerbread decor which I am displaying on top of the bookcase in "my room." I really like how the display looks this year. You can see that Mr. and Mrs. Gingerbread are proud of their little cookies and life seems pretty happy in the gingerbread village!

Our living room tree is four feet and on a table as usual. I'm only using certain ornaments on this tree. Nothing "plush" or "chewy." Something new this year are the candy cane sticks I found at JoAnn's. They add some height to the tree at the top and are quite festive next to our bear topper!

I used oversized pieces on the little white light tree that sits on top of my curio cabinet in the dining room. I have used these pieces in the guest bath in years past. That bathroom is having some work done so I'm not putting any decorations in there this year. I like how this tree looks, though.

And, finally, here is our mantel all decked out with stockings and other decor! I found the cute "Meow" stockings this year for Cassie and Garden. I wanted a stocking that said "Woof" or some other cute saying for dogs but I couldn't find one so River gets the red stocking in the middle. The tree plaque was a gift years ago from The Mr.'s sister and her family and my favorite Santa is on the mantel where River can't get to it.

I'm still decorating so will have other items to share in a different post. And, of course, I will be placing my nativity out once we celebrate Thanksgiving. I hope that each of you enjoys a blessed and happy Thanksgiving Day! Hope you enjoyed this mini tour of our Christmas Decor so far!

Until Next Time,


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your tree !! It is beautiful !! I love the smaller ine as well ❤️. I hope you and Bill have a wonderful Thanksgiving 🤗

Iris said...

Love the decorations. I can relate to the puppy, though my dog is older now and not as interested. Thanks for sharing all the pretty Christmas things.

Joy said...

It looks so lovely and festive, Debbie. I'm jealous of your mantelpiece; they really come into their own at Christmas, don't they?
Looking forward to seeing more when you post again.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you Joy, Iris and Anonymous poster for your lovely comments! It is such a fun time of year and I always look forward to decorating. xxx

Sharon said...

I enjoyed seeing your Christmas decor, Debbie. It is all festive and lovely! I especially like your gingerbread display.