Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Looking Back At My Fashion Photos Over The Years


Hi friends! I've spent some time looking back at old photo shoots that produced style pics for the blog over the years. Parts of these outfits I don't own anymore and parts I still do own. Some items just didn't make the cut when I did some closet cleaning and gave away items I just didn't think I would continue to wear. To be honest, some of these outfits still look pretty good to me and I'm wondering why I gave some articles of clothing away! Isn't that the way it always is?! You give something away and then think to yourself, "maybe I could have used that shirt, skirt, pairs of shoes after all?!" Anyway, I thought you might enjoy a trip down memory lane with me. Maybe you will see one of my photos and recall an article of clothing in your own closet that you might enjoy styling in a similar way. 

You may have noticed that I don't do many style posts anymore. I kind of reached a stage where I was beginning to feel a bit silly and wondered if I just looked like a foolish aging woman smiling at the camera! Plus, it's really hard to come up with new style ideas and new clothes to share all the time. So now, if I have a style idea that I feel might be useful to others I will do a style shoot but they aren't a regular part of the blog anymore. Do you miss them? 

So much of my time is spent wearing jeans and it's nice to have a fun top like this one to dress the jeans up a bit. While this color works best in the Fall I still wear the top during other seasons.

This pic is one of my all time favorites for style. The black and the white pair so well together. 

Here's a blast from the past with my Debbiethisandthat logo on the pic! The bright red sweater paired so well with the white of the vest. Alas, I no longer own the sweater. Loved it, though, and wore it for many, many years!

Here's another black/white with gray style pic. I just love this color combination and feel I look good wearing these colors. I've kind of gotten over the idea of always wearing colors that are in my palette. While color around the face is important it is not the final factor for me. If I love a color and want to wear it, I do! 

I do love pinks, though, and wear this color often. Pink is a great color to wear next to my face.

Remember this top? I still own it and love it. Don't own the black skirt anymore, however. Those earrings are big! But, I still own them as well and actually like how they look. 

I think every woman looks good in a little black dress! And, oh, how I loved these shoes but, alas, the heels were just too high for me to continue wearing them. I gave them away. 

And I'll close this look back at fashion with this casual, green summer dress that I dearly love. The color green has really grown on me the last few years and I have a few pieces of clothing that are green. Funny how we get away from certain colors. Years ago, I wore green frequently but then went in more for blues and pinks. Now, I'm enjoying greens once more. It's fun to experiment with and revisit colors just to see what you enjoy and look good wearing.

So, I hope you have enjoyed this trip down memory lane as much as I have! And maybe something you saw prompted an idea from your own closet. I hope so. I want to close with one final style pic and it is in memory of Iris Apfel, the nonagenarian style icon who died recently. 

Iris Apfel was always one to wear multiple types of jewelry and the boldest colors she could find. She was a great believer in wearing what she loved and not worrying about what anyone else thought about her style. I think we could all learn some lessons from her. If you would like to revisit the post my old Match Made In Seven group did about Iris Apfel you can visit it here. 

Hope you are having a good week so far. My apologies for not getting another post out late last week. Life got in the way. I would love to hear your thoughts on today's retro style post!

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Joy said...

I agree, that is always the way! I've just donated bags full of stuff to a charity pop-up shop and am wondering how many things I am going to be searching for in the future.
Mustn't think that way though - a good declutter is a Very Good Thing!

Iris said...

Enjoyed the trip down memory lane with you. I seriously need to go through my closet and get rid of some of the clothes I haven't worn in ages and probably never will again.

Sharon said...

How fun to revisit your style posts! It's interesting how styles change through the years along with colors we tend to wear, as you mentioned. I used to have a lot of red in my closet and in my house. Through the years, that has changed to blues and teals. Your style posts have been inspiring. After all, you taught me to "shop my closet".