Monday, April 29, 2024

Guest Bathroom Refresh

 Gray and White Bathroom Refresh

Hello friends! It's been a few years since I gave our guest bath a little refresh and so this past week I have been working on doing just that. Since there is a lot of gray color in both the floor tiles and shower area tiles, I decided to go with gray accessories this time rather than blue.

New towels, washcloths and floor rug. How fortunate that I already owned the gray and white basket which looks like it belongs in the bathroom now!

I found this pretty shower curtain that is clear with embossed gray stars that have a bit of sparkle. I just love this look!

And I ordered this wooden sign from Amazon. It's wonderful to see this message each time I enter the bathroom. Very inspiring to read! I may add more items to this shelf as time goes on and as I find things I like but, for now, this sign is perfect and leaves room on either side for washcloths.

I'm not planning to replace all of the wall pictures just yet. I'm trying to move away from the "beachy theme" I had in this bath previously but I think it's okay to leave the wall pics for now. The serenity sign is staying until I find a sign in gray that conveys a message I like. It doesn't clash with the gray theme, in my opinion.

I did switch out the two photographs that were on the wall next to the tub for my black/white zendoodling mosaic that I created. I'm proud of that piece of artwork. And I'm quite happy with how this guest bathroom refresh turned out. I enjoy the cool look of the gray accessories against the white of the tub, sink, toilet and walls. 

Have you done any refreshing of rooms at your house lately? Do you like gray and white together? Be sure to leave a comment and share anything you like. And be sure to stop by later this week for another post. 

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Anonymous said...

I think your bathroom looks lovely. I enjoy white with the gray and the chrome on the fixtures. You might add a floral motif in by adding a burst of color . Otherwise, you’ve done a wonderful job updating ! 👌👌👌😃

Sharon said...

What a fresh look in gray and white for your bathroom! Gray is one of my favorites. I like your new sign, and I especially like the art piece that you created. It caught my eye immediately when looking at one of your pictures. I spent some time recently rearranging freshly painted bookshelves. I added a few small new items along with objects that have been on the bookshelves for a while. It was fun to change things up a bit.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Debbie, this is really timely. We are in the process of remodeling/renovating our master bathroom and need help! I’m going to pick your brain this weekend if that’s okay. Your bathroom is beautiful!

Iris said...

Your bathroom looks great - and I love the serenity sign.
I haven't refreshed anything - I've done well to just maintain :-)


Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks Sharon,Iris and my two anonymous commenters for your wonderful comments. Sharon, I agree that it's fun to change things up a bit in home decor. It doesn't have to be big changes to really make a difference. Iris, there have been times when maintaining was exactly what I needed to do just like you. Nothing wrong with that at all. Whoever left the comment about picking my brain this weekend, I will be happy to do that on retreat! I'll think on the idea for adding a burst of color. Right now, though, I'm really happy with the gray and white. Have a wonderful week, everyone!