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Creative Nail Polish Colors and Nail Art

        Getting Creative With Nail Art

Nail Art
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I've always been a little late to the party, as it were, with some fashion trends. And that has certainly been the case with bold nail color choices and decorative nails. As a mostly clear, frosted white, pink and light red nail polish wearer of many years, I haven't been very adventuresome in the nail department. But, lately, I have decided to go boldly where I haven't gone before (Star Trek talk) and experiment with some more modern nail color choices. And there are so many to choose from!
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My first foray into the wide world of nail polish colors was shown on this post when I styled my white Skechers sandals with a striped dress. You can read the whole post here.

Since blue is one of my fave colors anyway, I decided to go with that color for a "trial run" of a new toe polish color. And I decided I really liked the look! But then, I decided to go even bolder! Why not try another new color (like purple) and just go for broke and add some cute sparkly nail decals, as well!  (I'm such a wild woman!) So, here is my latest look. The two decals don't show up as well as I hoped in the photo. They are simply stick on decals that I covered with a clear topcoat to keep them in place. 

What do you think?  It's fun to try new nail polish and experiment with being a little bolder with style and color. One of the joys of being over age 50, for me, is feeling more confident in trying new things. Keeping my style fresh is part of that confidence. Hmmm....I've tried some bold new nail polish...I wonder what I could do with some of those bold hair colors? (Maybe I'm not quite ready for that ....  yet.......)

How about you? Have you tried bolder nail polish colors? How do you step out of your comfort zone with style? Hope you'll leave a thought.....

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Karen said...

You know, I like the purple! I wear mostly pale pink and beige colors. In the winter I go bold with a pale burgundy sometimes. If I experiment at all, it is on my toes! I never embraced black nails (I mean, why, you know? Black?) I prefer a more natural look and black, to me, looks like an accident with a hammer. But your purple toes I like and would do! The wild hair colors? Never. I guess I really don't step too far out of my comfort zone for the basic reason that I want to feel, well, comfortable! I am very much a classic dresser, and reading what I wrote veers a little toward boring. I just feel more confident in natural colors. But I'd do the purple for fun. I did wear ice blue for my son's beach wedding...seemed appropriate for the setting!

Nancy A at obloggernewbie said...

Cool and cute. Love it on you. I prefer solids to a design for myself. I wear toe polish (right now a mauve), but not nail polish. I'm too much of a cook to wear polish on my fingers. Have a great weekend. Nancy A #@

Debbie Styles Life said...

I'm with you, Karen. I have no desire to do black nails! But, I have enjoyed the blue and purple and the nail decals. I think I'll probably try a pretty green if I can find a shade I like. I'll bet your son's beach wedding was beautiful!!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hi Nancy: Thanks for reading my blog! I rarely put nail color on my fingernails, either. I prefer just toe polish. I'll be checking out your blog!

julie Wunder said...

I'm a creature of habit in nail color too, but I love your bold choices! So pretty!!

Vanity And Me said...

I like the Blue and the purple.Pinterest is a great place for finding decorative nail art ideas.At the moment I'm into the gel polishes.They last so well x

Over Fifty in Hollywood said...

Your blog is right on target, I've been thinking about color choices for nails, maybe toes are a great place to experiment. I definitely like the purple. I appreciate your blog text matching your purple nails! 😀