Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tall Tails...As Only A Cat Can Tell It

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog with this bulletin: While Debbiethisandthat takes a brief rest from the computer, Ace Reporter, Gracie the Cat, will be filling in as host writer. Although encouraged by "Fur Mama" to keep the blog post simple, Gracie has decided to wrap her paws around a delicate subject of interest to felines and humans everywhere......

Gracie the cat, here, coming to you live from the back door bureau with several topics of catly interest. I promise a purring good time will be had by all while Fur Mama takes a break and I take over....er.....have this opportunity to, once again, write on the blog. Although I was given several topics to avoid writing about, I have decided to ignore these rules, like a good cat should do, and write about them anyway. First off on the forbidden agenda: 

Why shouldn't a cat write about politics? It's all over that window thing called a TV right now. I can't understand why humans are so interested in this topic. Personally, I'd rather watch my Videos for Cats on YouTube. A squirell hunting nuts is much more exciting. It's obvious to me as a card carrying member of the Furball Party that a cat should be in the White House. Enough with this dog business. Everyone knows that cats know how to get things done. In fact, I'm thinking about campaigning myself. Didn't I manage to establish Tuna Tuesdays and Chicken Thursday treaties with the humans in this house? And how about the Two Sandbox Rule that I spearheaded with great success? And not just two sandboxes, mind you...but one upstairs AND downstairs. Uh-huh....you're listening now, aren't you?! You know I mean business when it comes to catmanship! Why all I had to do to whip things into shape around here was to let my humans know that I did not intend to just eat dry food anymore. It took awhile, I'll grant you. But, I'm a cat. I'm patient, cunning and a great actor. You should see my "poor kitty" look that I give them when I want the good stuff. Heh, heh. Plus, it's amazing how walking on top of your humans at 3:00 in the morning and chewing their hair can get results! This is what I'm talking about....just put your paws down and let them know you mean business! That's why I think there should always be a cat in the White House! And furthermore....

"Hey, hey...give me back that computer. I'm not finished with my post yet...hey....fur mama....do I still get tuna? It's Tuesday..."
                                      (sad kitty face)

Until Next Time (If there is a next time...)
Gracie the Cat, Ace Reporter
Old Typewriter           The Cat's Life 14

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Karen said...

She's such a beauty! I sure miss mine. Cats are truly unique and Gracie is right, the White House needs a cat! Keeps the humans in line!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Karen! She's our sweet "fur princess." And she certainly enjoys being #1 these days!! We have gone from four cats to one in the last four years and that's been really tough. I know you miss your kitty.

Sharon said...

I so enjoyed reading Gracie's blog post! Very clever and creative.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Sharon. She only "rarely" gets to post on the blog. Ha!!