Sunday, September 25, 2016

LEGO Art At The Arboretum

LEGO as Art

Raise your hand if you liked to play with LEGOs as  kids. How many hands are in the air? Probably a lot. LEGOs are a favorite of kids around the world....and many adults. In fact, some adults turn LEGOs into art as you can see in the picture above. 

Mr.thisandthat and I visited the North Carolina Arboretum near Asheville a few weeks ago where LEGO art by artist Sean Kenney is on display. This is the second time the arboretum has displayed LEGO art and we were mighty impressed by what we saw! Can you imagine using over 52,000 LEGO pieces?!

Each creation was so imaginative and looked real! Doesn't this eagle just look like it could take flight at any moment?

It was interesting to read about each design and to see how many LEGO pieces were used to create the object.

Even a sundial was made out of LEGOs. See the little bird perched on the sundial? It's made out of LEGOs as well. 

Close-up of the little bird. 

This design used "only" 27,000+ pieces!!  Sean Kenney must be one patient person!

As luck would have it, my camera battery died soon after we got to the arboretum and so I had to resort to using my camera phone for the rest of the photos. (Note to self, charge the camera before going on a photo shoot!) I was impressed with how all of the creations were displayed in a "natural" setting, like this duck with her ducklings who were next to a stream. 

And doesn't this snake look real?! It was coiled under a tree stalking a LEGO "mouse" who didn't get in the picture. 

But, here's my favorite!  You just knew there would be a butterfly didn't you? Absolutely gorgeous and so intricate! 

Just had to get my picture taken next to this one!

The North Carolina Arboretum is such a beautiful place to come and visit. There are water displays, trails to walk on and the main visitor center as well as the Baker Center that typically houses some type of artistic display and gift shop. There is also a cafe where food can be purchased in the main visitor center. And, if you like Bonsai, there is also a Bonsai exhibit. Lots to see and do if you decide to come for a visit!

Mr.thisandthat and I hiked in this area long before the arboretum was here, but now that we have this lovely arboretum we enjoy being members. If you would like to know more about the arboretum you can check out their website here. Now, go enjoy your Sunday and have some fun playing! You might even want to get yourself some LEGOs!

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No compensation has been received from either LEGO corporation or The North Carolina Arboretum for this post. All writing and opinions are my own. 


Karen said...

Putting this on my list of places to visit next time I'm in NC. I love arboretums. The Lego display is amazing. My first thought was how patient that man must be. Of course, then I wondered how he got the sculptures there and how he paid for all those Lego bricks. The practical stuff you know... To see them up close had to be the coolest thing! I particularly like the snake, of all things, and how he got it perfectly coiled! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hey Karen: I wondered those same things about getting the sculptures there, also. I have a feeling they were glued together somehow, but I didn't read anything that said that. I also wonder if the artist is actually employed by LEGO as an artist. At the previous display at the arboretum, there were several artists who displayed pieces and this time only one. If you are ever in the Asheville area, let me know. Maybe we can meet up for coffee or tea! Just email me at address from your home email so we can "chat".

Karen said...

I would love that! Asheville is such a gorgeous area! I'm hanging on to your information, thank you!