Monday, September 5, 2016

Monochromatic Styling Brown Skirt and Top

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Labor Day Monochromatic Styling

Happy's Labor Day.... and that means I'm beginning to think of Fall as I style a monochromatic look in brown. 

I've actually had this brown skirt for several years, but rarely wore it as I didn't like the top that came with it. So the skirt lived in my closet sad and lonely. Guess it was just waiting for this draped neckline top that I picked up a few months ago on a Goodwill hunt. I was hoping you could see the pretty sparkles around the neckline, but they are not showing up well in the photo. Trust me...they're pretty!!

I wore this ensemble to church on Sunday and received several compliments. When I told one lady about finding the top several years after purchasing the skirt, she remarked that the top looked like it was "made" to go with the skirt. I agree! Funny how that works out sometimes with clothing, isn't it? You find the right mixes and the outfit just pops!

With all of the brown, I felt like I needed to add some color to the palette, so I did that with some pretty jewelry. I chose pieces that combined brown tones with gold and burnt orange. The tiger eye ring belonged to my mother. 

And the addition of my straw purse added a pop of color, as well.

And how cool are these Westies loafer style heels in brown? I fell in love with these when I found them "almost brand new" and tried them on and felt how comfortable they are. The block style heel is a little high, but gives good support for walking. (Yes....another Goodwill purchase....can you say $4 for almost new shoes anyone?)
Note to self: take the sticker off the bottom of the shoe before taking pics for the blog. I wore these in the choir loft Sunday and probably showed the whole congregation the price tag. Oh Deborah!!


I like how this monochromatic look came together.  My skirt isn't lonely anymore and I will definitely be wearing this outfit in the future. Do you like to wear monochromatic looks? Are you starting to bring out the Fall colors now that we are in September? Discovered any great finds at Goodwill lately? Hope you will take a moment to share...I enjoy hearing from you! (And I hope you enjoyed a great Labor Day!)

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Jessica Jannenga said...

Hi Debbie! I am so ready for Fall! However, it is still 90 here in Charlotte, so I will have to wait a bit. I enjoy seeing Fall fashions and brown/rich shades really appeal to me. Very pretty dress and I love the use of orange accessories. Have a great weekend
thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday
jess xx