Thursday, February 16, 2017

Accessories Make The Look

Accessories Take Your Look To The Next Level

Hello everyone!  Today, I am sharing with you my thoughts on how accessories can take a look to a whole new level. The accessories I am using are a scarf, necklace and purse.

I love when serendipitous things happen with fashion. Take this purse for instance. When I saw the beautiful stripes of colors and fun silver handles of this thrifted purse, I knew that it was a style I would really enjoy carrying. See how the handles hang down into the curve when not being used? Little things like this add to the style factor of a piece, whether it is a handbag or a piece of jewelry. It's that "different" factor that can add a touch of "panache" to a look. 

Then, I held the purse next to this sweater and I thought, "Oh my...this is a perfect match!" I really didn't plan it this way. It just happened! 

I also like to have fun with adding colors together that are a bit unexpected. The paisley scarf I am wearing has a variety of colors and designs in it against a mainly red background. My turtleneck under the sweater is pink. There is some pink in the scarf. So, all of these shades work together to provide an unexpected melody of color that, I believe, adds to the outfit and takes the look to the next level of style. Using the paisley scarf and striped purse against the solid backgrounds of the sweater and jeans also adds some interesting pattern mixing. I typically don't wear a necklace with a scarf, but I liked the way this silver heart necklace added yet another layer of style to the look. 

So, let's do a comparison and you tell me if you think the accessories take this look to the next level. Here I am with no accessories (other than earrings).

Here, I have added only the necklace. 

And here I have added the scarf with the necklace.

And, one final look at the whole ensemble. 

Do you think accessories add to the look?  Do you ever wear necklaces with a scarf?  How about pattern mixing--are you for or against?  Hope you'll take a moment to share. I enjoy hearing from you!

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Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

What a great purse! Defenitely accesories make an outfit.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Nancy. I really like this purse. Carried it yesterday and received compliments! Have a great day.

Karen said...

That purse is right on trend with the silver circle handle! I'm seeing a lot of this look and really like it. Yours is even better with the stripes! I think the scarf adds so much to the overall outfit, and i like how it is just different enough to really stand out. I love to wear scarves, and yes, I do wear necklaces with mine sometimes, especially when I'm just draping the scarf around my neck.

Debbie Styles Life said...

I'm glad to know the purse is on trend. I had a purse with similar handles years ago and really like it then. These trends tend to repeat, don't they? I'm learning to like the look of a necklace with a scarf. Not all the time, but if it seems to look right. Hope your weekend is a relaxing and wonderful one, Karen!

shelley said...

Hi Debbie! I love this outfit and the accessories. The purse is perfect. You've got great style.

julie Wunder said...

You always find the best stuff! I love mixing accessories too.