Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Casual Styling with Jeans and Quote T-Shirt

How To Style A Casual Look

Can you keep your outfit super casual and yet still be stylish? That is the question of the day. I think you can, especially if you have a stylish "Quote T-Shirt" which are so popular right now.

It seems as if everywhere you look on the blogs these days folks are wearing shirts with words or quotes on them. I honestly was never a big fan of shirts with words on them. For a long time I thought they were "tacky" and they are still not a style that I purposely look for. But, I have truly enjoyed this particular T-Shirt with a quote by Tolkien. I got this T-Shirt when I donated to a fundraiser for the son of a colleague of mine who was embarking on an Outward Bound trip and was raising funds. The T-Shirt is a color I love and it is a "woman's fit" which means it has a flare at the bottom rather than a straight cut like a man's T-Shirt. I probably shouldn't admit this, but I honestly didn't know they made T-Shirts cut especially for women. Duh! I love the way this shirt fits and feels and I really like the quote. 

Adding my Vintage Blues skinny jeans, my Gloria Vanderbilt jeans jacket and my comfy tennis shoes completes my casual outfit. 

This is a style I could literally live in every day! This is a very "Debbie" outfit!

Are you a fan of casual styling? Are you "yay" or "nay" on word/quote shirts? Hope you'll chime in and let me know your thoughts. I always enjoy hearing from you. And, please remember to recommend debbiethisandthat.com to others.

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Jodie's Touch of Style said...

I have lately loved the graphic t-shirts too Debbie!!
In fact, the 3 of us just styled them on the blog the beginning of the month!!

Sharon said...

I love the look of your casual outfit, Debbie! Casual is my go-to these days since I'm retired. I enjoy wearing some of the Life is Good t-shirts which usually consist of just one or two simple words.

Karen said...

I have always liked that quote! I would wear it, especially since it has a graphic also. I will wear something on occasion that says the name of a pkace, for example, if it is unobtrusive. I commented on Jodie's blog that I don't feel comfortable with people reading my chest, so I choose carefully!! But yours I would wear. It is subtle and a great color. I like how you styled it!

Susan said...

I think the casual look has become more appropriate in more situations recently. Comfort is important to me no matter what I wear. I like T-shirts with thoughtful messages, especially if they support a good cause.

julie Wunder said...

Love the color of that shirt. I like the quote trend these days... so much fun!