Thursday, August 31, 2017

Home From Travels and New Eyeglasses

Hello friends! I'm home from my travels to West Virginia and Pennsylvania. I had such a great time visiting family. I even braved "big city" driving in Pittsburgh. Aren't GPS units wonderful things?! They get you where you want to go and I have to say I don't think I could have done this trip without mine. 

Notice anything different? As I was returning from West Virginia on Tuesday, I took off my glasses at a rest stop to clean them and they broke! Isn't that always the way these things happen? I took them in to the opthamologists' office today to see if they could be fixed and as the optician was working with them they broke more! As I'm kinda blind without my glasses there was a moment of panic. They did have this frame, though, that I liked and fit my lenses with a little bit of grinding. They sent me to their nearby lab with my old glasses taped up so I could drive ( I looked just lovely as you can imagine) and the technicians ground the lenses and popped them into these frames. Since I had just changed prescriptions in March, I'm glad I was able to keep the lenses and just pay the expense of new frames and the grinding of the lenses. When I like a frame, I tend to keep them a long time and even have new lenses placed in my same glasses frames. I know the opticians always caution about this, because the frames can break, but, honestly, I've had pretty good luck over the years doing this and it is more cost effective. Anyway, that's the saga of my broken glasses. That was the only negative of this trip. I'll share a few more pics of who and what I saw as I traveled.

Three of my sisters and I had a fun time in Pittsburgh together. Here, we were playing a prank on my nephew by taking this selfie in front of the sign outside one of his favorite hangouts. He is always posting on Facebook about this place, so as we were driving by and saw the sign, we just had to stop and snap a photo. It's a family joke. My nephew thought it was funny, though!

And here I am with my other sister standing next to the pond on her farm in West Virginia. My great niece took this photo for me. She is eight years old and I think she did a good job as my stand in photographer! 

The pond is so pretty with this fountain in the middle. The young ones like to go fishing in the pond whenever they can. 

And this deer was grazing at the edge of the pond. The scenery on the farm is so pretty. It was a very peaceful moment.

And so my travels, for now, are over. It's home to unpacking suitcases, doing piles of laundry and catching up with other home chores. I've been a bit off my blog routine with the traveling, but next week I should be back on track with some fashion and tablescape posts for you. Hope your week is going well and that your Labor Day weekend is filled with good things. I know that all of us are keeping Texas and all those affected by Hurricane Harvey in our prayers. 

Until Next Time,


Sharon said...

I really like your new frames, Debbie! It sounds a bit scary to me to be traveling and have your glasses break. I can't see at all without glasses or contacts, so without them I wouldn't be able to drive. It sounds like you had fun with your family during your visit. I look forward to your blog posts next week.

Karen said...

I really like the new glasses! They were a great choice and how nice that they were actually able to use your existing lenses. What a plus! So you get a new look for a lot less! Your trip sounds like it was really fun. It's truly a blessing to have sisters you can have fun with. Glad you were able to navigate the city streets in Pittsburgh! It can certainly be a challenge and you have to do it to really understand! I'm glad you had a fun trip!

julie Wunder said...

Welcome home! Glad you had a good trip!