Thursday, August 3, 2017

How To Take A Little Black Dress To A Formal Style #1

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We hear so much about the importance of every woman having a "little black dress" in their closet. Recently, I had occasion to wear such a dress and guess who didn't have one? I had a winter black dress and  a black dress with white patterns on it and a couple of black skirts and black tops. But, a plain summer little black dress? Nah...not one to be found in my closet. 

So, to Stein Mart I headed figuring I could find something I needed there. And voila.....I brought home this perfect for me little black dress in a swing style. 

Since every woman has need of a little black dress at some point, I decided to style this dress three different ways for you. So, this post is #1 in the series and portrays a formal look for this dress. In future posts I'll show how to wear it semi-casual and very casual. 

These heels take this dress to a formal level in my opinion. You have seen these shoes on the blog before when I did my "killer shoes" post. These shoes wrap around my foot and zip in back of the heel, so they actually provide good support. I am considering having the heels cut down a bit as they are a little higher than I prefer. But, I do like the look at this height. 

I added to the formal look by wearing my hair in an updo using another of my hair pieces. You first saw one of my hair pieces in this earlier post about creating an updo
This hairpiece is longer and curlier than the previous one I showed you and attaches with a claw clip.
As I've mentioned before, hair pieces are an easy way to create updos and add hair and volume to your look very quickly. Bad hair days can become good hair days if you have a few of these babies on hand!

I added dressier jewelry with a black/silver tassel necklace, silver earrings, and my favorite double strand black bracelets on one arm and my white crystal studded bangle bracelet from Katherine's Corner on the other arm. 

When I went to Stein Mart, I probably tried on seven or eight little black dresses before I found the one that worked for me. If you check out Stein Mart's website, you will find several little black dresses in various styles. This is not a sponsored or gifted post. But, I figure there may be other ladies out there, like me, who suddenly find themselves in need of a little black dress and don't have one! So, perhaps the Stein Mart site will give you some ideas. 

So, to recap for this #1 post in my series. How did I take this little black dress to the formal level? 
  • Hair in an updo
  • Dressier jewelry
  • Dressy heels
  • Evening style clutch bag (see first image)
It's your turn! Do you have a little black dress in your closet? How do you take your dresses to a more formal level? Hope you will leave a comment. I look forward to showing you this dress again in future posts in a semi-casual and casual style.

Until Next Time,

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Anonymous said...

You look stunning Debbie in your little black dress! I also love the shoes,the hair updo,clutch bag and jewellery! I do have a black dress but unfortunately it is more suitable for winter as it quite heavy fabric and has long sleeves. However you have now inspired me to shop for a lighter one for Summer and I'm looking forward to your other two posts about how to wear a little black dress!

Sharon said...

Your little black dress is lovely, Debbie. I really look forward to seeing how you accessorize for a casual and very casual look. Being able to wear a piece of clothing from a formal look to a very casual look certainly shows versatility!

Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

I wore a black dress yesterday! I love them! And yours! And your hair! Haha.

Karen said...

Gorgeous dress and gorgeous look with the updo and heels! You look great! I love the style of this dress! I have a little black dress and 2 "little midnight navy" dresses. My LBD is from J Jill and the style is very similar to yours - their "Wearever" brand. I even wore this as a sundress for my son's beach wedding several years ago. It is wearing like iron! Definitely my go-to dress! For work I put a jacket or dress shrug with it and it works there too. Heels dress it up like you show here. This, to me, is an indispensable piece of clothing. Those hairpieces are miracle workers! Yours match SO perfectly!! I'm anxious to see how you change the look in future posts! This is a winner for sure!

amotheradaughterandlife said...

Those shoes are wonderful, though a little to high for me also. And cute dress, I don't have a LBD inn my closet either and I was just looking at Stein Mart.

Lay said...

You and your look are elegant! The dress teally is perfect for you. Though my feet are not able to wear a heel of any height,I would choose these shoes if I could. They are spot on!

Patti said...

What a great little black dress, Debbie! I think you chose the perfect one for you. Love the add on hair too. Thanks for linking up, X0,