Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Fall Decor Throughout The House

A Little Here, A Little There, Fall Decor is Everywhere!

Since we are now into October, I'm ready to add a little orange to my Fall decor. Usually, I focus on the foyer, but this year I decided to spread a little Fall all throughout the house. A little bit here, a little bit there...we'll start on the side table in our living room. I put together this flower arrangement using two Fall faux bushes from A.C. Moore. I saved this yellow container from a summer arrangement and added some pretty ribbon as an accent. 

I'm still enjoying the creme color pumpkins. This one has green sparkles on it that blend well with the green Blenko glass vases. Just a touch of Fall on the table makes all the difference!

Can you see the sparkles?

Now, let's head down to the fireplace wall in the family room. I love this Fall berry wreath so much that I leave it up year round. 

The colors are so rich and vibrant. The wreath looks good against the brick. 

Isn't this a sweet sign?  The art teacher made this for me when I retired from teaching. I wanted you to see it, even though technically it isn't a Fall decoration. 

Love the colors on this unique Fall hanger. This was a Secret Pal gift to me a couple years ago. 

I decided that, this year, my scarecrows would look good on this white shelf in the family room. They are typically displayed in the foyer, but it's good to change things up sometimes. 

Here we are in the foyer, now, with a beautiful Fall wreath on the door. Sorry these pics are a little dark. I was shooting these photos with flash after it was dark out.

The top of the foyer table is pretty much the same as you last saw it, with the addition of my favorite orange pumpkin with the weeping willow on the front. 

Another favorite of mine is this fabric pumpkin which I added to the bottom shelf of the foyer table. And notice another weeping willow on the wooden "Welcome Friends" pumpkin hanger. I have a thing for weeping willows. I think they are so pretty!

Fabric pumpkins are so popular right now, but I've actually owned this one for several years. 

So, that's my Fall decor...scattered throughout our home. I like being able to enjoy Fall as I move from room to room. This decor will be on display through Thanksgiving. I may add a couple of items that speak specifically to Thanksgiving, though. I want to have several weeks to enjoy these decorations before the big Christmas decorating starts! Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?! (Bite your tongue, right?!)

How are you decorating for Fall? Hope you will take a moment to leave a comment or thought. I love it when you do! Feel free to "pin" any of these photos. And, please remember to recommend to your friends!

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Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

I like it all, but my favorite place is your brick wall. Wish I had a wall like that. Everything on that wall is perfect from the Home sign to the wreath to the wooden little pumpkins. I like weeping willows too. They have a lovely shape. There are none in my area - I think we're too hot here.

Karen said...

Love your fall décor Debbie! You are so creative and notice the little things, like the sparkles on the cream-colored pumpkin and how they tie into the green vases! That wreath on the fireplace is spectacular! I can see why you leave it up all the time. I like wreaths with berries too. Typically I put huge mums on the side of my front steps, and have not done it yet this year. My impatiens are still going strong in that spot, so I feel guilty if I just dump them! I love fall though, even though this year I have not decorated for it. The weather is less humid, colors are so pretty, it's a beautiful season! Thank you for sharing your décor and inspirational ideas! I always look forward to your decorating posts!

Sharon said...

i enjoyed seeing all the creative ways you decorate for fall. My favorites are your fireplace wall and your fabric pumpkin in the foyer. You really know how to put these vignettes together with all the lovely details!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Carol. I do like the brick wall that surrounds our family room fireplace. We actually had an entire brick wall in that room but my husband removed it and it is now drywall.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Karen. Some years I do more or less with decorating for Fall. I'm enjoying spreading out the decorations a little more this year. Like you, I don't like to dump flowers that are still blooming. So, keep on enjoying those pretty impatiens!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you so much, Sharon! I really like that fabric pumpkin, also.

Shelley@AWomaninHerPRIME said...

LOVE your pumpkins and your welcome friends sign! I wish I was half as creative as you are. I'll have to take notes.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Shelley. I enjoy reading your blog, also! Have a great day.