Thursday, November 30, 2017

A Fun And Whimsical Christmas Tablescape

Bringing Musical Penguin and Snoopy To The Table
How about adding a little fun and whimsy to your Christmas table? That's what I'm doing in today's tablescape which makes great use of two stuffed musical Snoopy dogs and one stuffed musical penguin. Each stuffed animal plays music when you press their paws.
You may remember some of my table setting pieces from my previous 2015 Christmas Tablescape post. I always enjoy using my sweet Santa Owl plates and snowman mugs.
I like to find unique ways to create name cards. I thought these penguin name tags I found at Dollar Tree would go well with the fun loving theme of this tablescape.
The musical penguin and Snoopy Santa were past Christmas gifts from one of my sisters. The Snoopy with a mustache is holding a trumpet, which you can't see in this photo. I bought it for the Mr. last Christmas as a "gag" gift since he is a trumpet player. Trumpet player Snoopy plays "Feliz Navidad" and dances around.
I think this tablescape will bring smiles at breakfast on Christmas morning!
How do you like to bring fun and whimsy to your Christmas tablescapes?

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Karen said...

How cute!!!! That would sure make me smile having breakfast at a table decorated like that! The trumpet player Snoopy is so funny with his moustache! This is so ideal for a musical family! The little nametags are such a great idea - I will have to borrow that one!

Sharon said...

I enjoyed seeing your festive tablescape, Debbie. It's perfect for you and Bill with the musical centerpiece! The most whimsical Christmas decoration I have is a battery powered tap-dancing flamingo given to me by my younger daughter years ago. It's too big for the table, but I put it next to the fireplace each Christmas season.