Saturday, November 25, 2017

Saturday Scriptures: Give Thanks

And so, Thanksgiving has come and gone. We are about to enter Advent season in which we look forward to the coming of Christmas. Decorations are already going up and soon Winter's chilly blast will be upon us. The flowers are spent and the vestiges of growth have been removed from the planters. The leaves are mostly down now and have been blown hither and yon by strong winds. There is a sparseness that comes at this time of year, between the Thanksgiving meal and the Christmas merriment, that makes me pause and think. I want my giving of thanks to continue beyond one day. I want every day to find me looking for moments of gratitude. Even when things are not going my way, or the way of those I love and care about, I want to be able to find something for which I can give thanks. It shouldn't be that hard for me. I live a life that is blessed beyond belief. So why is it that I sometimes forget to say,"Thank you," to the Lord who has given me so much, even though I don't deserve it? Like Paul, I find myself saying, "I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do."  (Romans 7: 15) 

May having a thankful heart be a part of all I do in the coming year. 

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Karen said...

I have always related to Paul's words. I think at times we all can. I want to look for opportunities for gratitude in each day. That's a wonderful goal and one I'm going to pursue. Funny how the bleak thoughts creep in so easily, yet I have to focus on thinking of all the reasons I have to be grateful, make more of an effort. I want to change that, beginning now. I will probably worry less that way too!

Sharon said...

What a beautiful and meaningful post, Debbie! So well-written. It seems that having a thankful attitude can be elusive. I will refer to your post and hold it within so that I can remember to be thankful.