Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Cassie Cat Chat

A Few Words From The "New" Cat

Cassie Cat relaxing on her soft bed
Cassie Cat's Book Jacket Photo for Future Reference
"Wait, did you get my best side for the header photo? Is my fur neat? Did you use the side shot I liked? "

Oh, hello there! My name is Cassie and I thought I had better go ahead and introduce myself since no one else around her seemed ready to do it...ahem! I am what you humans would probably call the "new cat" in town and on the blog. Yes, I know, my predecessor was known fur and wide as an, "Ace Cat Reporter." I make no such claim, however. I am simply my own cat self and plan to share a few tails with you every now and again, whenever Love allows me to be on the computer. That's why I plan to call my posts, "Cassie Cat Chat." I like to chat, after all. I spend a great deal of my day chattering away at squirrels, birds, bears and whatever creatures pass by the back door while I am on what Love and Softie call, "my perch." 

Who are Love and Softie, you ask? They are my humans, of course. I own them now, you know. Oh yes, I see what you are thinking. Why am I not referring to them as the "Ace Cat Reporter" did as Fur Mama and Fur Papa? Because, quite simply, I think those are silly names. I certainly have never met a cat who referred to their humans that way. And, I am a cat of the world. I was on my own for over a year before I picked out my two humans. I have seen the world. I wasn't dropped yesterday, you know!

Every cat must name their humans once they get to know them, of course. At first, understandably, I was a bit shy around them. But, then, I noticed that the human woman was very kind to me, gave me food and tried to hold me if I would allow her the privilege. I made her wait a bit. No sense putting all four paws forward at once, you know. Oh yes, I made them both wait quite a long time before allowing them to touch me. I must admit, however, that the woman does have such warm clothing when she holds me and gives me little kisses on my head. I seem to remember feeling this warm and cared for feeling when I was curled close in the litter with my own cat mother. A distant memory to be sure. Anyway, I decided to name the human woman, "Love." 

Softie is another story. I had his number from the first night I spent in this house. He sat for long hours on the floor tossing a silly toy around trying to coax me from behind the couch where I had taken up residence. You observe....I wanted to make certain that I had made the right choice in picking out my humans. It's a very delicate thing, a cat choosing her humans. After awhile, I decided to stay. And that's when I began training them...Love and Softie, I mean. I could tell right away that Love was one of those humans who would probably try to impose rules on me; silly rules like "don't scratch the furniture" and "don't set one paw on the kitchen counter." I soon found that Softie would become my ally in training Love. Oh, she still fusses a bit over scratching the furniture. I will try to give her what she wants......some of the time.....just to keep her happy. I am proud to say, however, that I have conquered the kitchen counter. With Softie's help, of course. Love should never have taken that long trip to West Virginia, heh, heh. I knew Softie would cave on the kitchen counter your humans can take awhile. Sometimes even nine lives...or so I am told. I am a patient cat, however. And, I now know that my choice in choosing my humans was the correct one. 

As this is my first post, I will not tail all my stories at once. And, I have quite a few tails to write about, in fact. Oh yes, I'll be back another day to chat more with you. When I convince Love to allow me to use her computer. If all else fails, I will enlist Softie's help. He has a computer, too, you know. They really are both great humans for a cat to own.

A bit of catly advice for you to take with you from this post: keep alert for anything that may appear out your back door, keep your tail held high no matter what, and run exuberantly throughout your house on all four paws at least once daily for maximum health! (Hint: sliding around corners on your claws makes it more fun.)

Purringly Yours,
Cassie Cat

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Sharon said...

I love this post, Debbie or should I say, Cassie! I smiled and laughed all the way through. The writing is so creative and entertaining! I'll look forward to more of Cassie's tails of her life with Love and Softie.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Sharon. Cassie enjoyed doing her furst post and looks forward to more writing in the future!!

Karen said...

Can't wait for more of these! What a great job showcasing a personality!! Such a feel-good post, really had me smiling and laughing!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Karen! This was such a fun post for, Cassie to write! (wink)

Bess said...

Very nice to meet you, Cassie! We three kitties, Baby, Kallie, and Sassy, are eager to hear more about your training of your humans. There are probably some new tricks to learn since we came to live here ten years ago. Uh oh, here's ... Great post Debbie! Really enjoyed it and look forward to more from Cassie. Blessings, Bess

Anonymous said...

Welcome Cassie! That sounds like you've found the perfect home!! PS: My 3 cats, Bella, Vanille and Sammy are saying hello to you from Belgium, Europe. They have also been without humans before they came here. Now they are very happy (and lazy).
Have a great day Deborah, nice to have found your blog,

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Bess! Cassie says hello to Baby, Kallie and Sassy!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Sigrid. So happy you found my blog! Cassie says hello (Bonjour?) to Bella, Vanille, and Sammy!