Thursday, January 4, 2018

Styling With Accessories and Winter Decor

A Two For One Post

How about a two for one post today? I'm sharing some ideas for accessorizing your outfits and, just for good measure, we'll take a peek at my Winter decor. And, there's no extra cost to! I must tell you that I love, love, love this thrifted dress. You've seen it on the blog before, but styled differently. 

Remember this photo? Notice how today's post shows a totally different look using different accessories. Nothing wrong with the jacket, but it's fun to try other looks. 

This long style dress is still just as warm and cozy, but looks great with the addition of a thin belt, which defines my waist, and a scarf wrapped and tied at the neck. The turtleneck sleeves show below the 3/4 length dress sleeves and tie the black accents together. My black Skecher booties complete the look. To me, using these accessories give the dress a more polished look than the previous way I styled it.

With the arctic zone temperatures we have been having this was the perfect outfit for today! The addition of leggings under the long dress help with warmth, also. One reason I enjoy wearing longer length dresses and skirts in the winter is because you can wear leggings and they don't show. Shop your closet to see how you might use belts, scarves, booties and even turtlenecks to change the look of a favorite dress. Let me know if you try something different, OK?  Now, let's look at some Winter decor!

Winter Decor In The Living Room and Foyer

I've written before about how sad I always feel when it is time to put away the Christmas decorations. One way I combat this is by switching to what I call Winter decor. Typically, this means lots of snowmen everywhere. I still have those, but this year I caught some half price sales on a blue tree with white lights and a white fiber optic tree. Both are perfect for my living room Winter decor table! I have snowmen surrounding them and a "Let it Snow" sign between the trees. I enjoy still having a corner of light in the living room, but don't feel like I've left out Christmas decorations. This picture doesn't do justice to the beautiful changing colors on the white fiber optic tree!

And, here are my happy Snowmen on the foyer table. I couldn't have Winter decor without them!

This lovely sled is a new addition to my Winter decor this year. Yes, I cleaned out and donated lots of unused Christmas decorations and then bought just a "few" new things to use for Winter. Sigh...I have good intentions of making space, but, hey, this sled and those trees were calling to me! (wink)

Remember to let me know what you think about accessorizing your outfits. And, if you are decorating for Winter. And...anything else you want to share! Your comments make me smile. 

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Karen said...

You know Debbie, that is the dress you were wearing on your blog the day I discovered it I believe. I think it was entitled something like 'what I wore to church' - something along those lines! The dress is so versatile as shown in the photos here, and that's always so nice when you can take the same thing and style it differently for a completely new look! That little gathering of snowmen on the foyer table just says "cozy" to me! So, so cute!! You have inspired me to leave some of the winter decorations out for awhile yet. I usually pack it all away with the Christmas decorations, but this year I'm going to leave a few things out longer. It has been bitter cold here in Ohio, but we did have a white Christmas and it's been awhile since that happened! Thanks for always inspiring us to try new things!!

Debbie Styles Life said...

So glad you discovered my blog, Karen! I always enjoy reading your commments and look forward to them. I really like how the dress looks belted. It is one of my favorite winter dresses but it can look a little "sloppy" without the right accessories because it is long and fits close to the body. I'm glad you got some inspiration from the post. Enjoy your winter decorations! It is so cold and bitter here that I don't feel like doing a thing other than couch sitting under a blanket!

Sharon said...

As you know, I admire the way you put together this outfit. The scarf, the belt, the snuggly boots all added just the right touch for a cold, winter day. I put away my Christmas decor, and I will have to say that it makes areas of my home look a little bare. Inspired by your post, I'm going to see what I can do to liven it up a bit for the winter season.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hey Sharon:
You are so sweet and your comments always make me happy! I find if I keep experimenting with accessories I own that I can eventually hit a happy place with my outfits. Sometimes it takes awhile, though! I'm glad you found some inspiration for winter decor in my post. I like my little corners of Winter decor scattered throughout the house! Have a wonderful day in our frigid corner of the world!

Jessica Jannenga said...

Hi Debbie! That sounds like a plan, certainly we could try and meet when the weather gets nicer. Wishing you the best for 2018 as well. It is way too cold and I am not even in my hometown of Pittsburgh! Love your decor and your grey dress is lovely.. as you know I love accessories and how they change the look.
Have a great weekend!
jess xx

Jacqui said...

Hi Debbie, the way you've styled your warm grey winter dress is so nice - I really like warm tunic-style dresses that are layered over cosy polo necks and boots for winter. It looks particularly chic co-ordinated with black. I love accessories - scarves in different colours for winter are one of my favourites. We've had some cold weather in the UK this winter, but not as bad as the East coast of the States - I do hope it clears for you soon. I like your idea for winter decorations too - I've never thought of that before, but it makes perfect sense. Thank you for giving me a new idea!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Jess. I look forward to getting together with you in the future. Take care and Happy New Year!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Jacqui. So nice to hear from you! I'm glad it hasn't been too cold for you this winter. It is definitely cold here and I am already looking forward to Spring!