Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Playing With Tablescapes on A Snowy Day

Tablescapes for Winter

A red plaid scarf with faux lantern on the kitchen table.

Seeing as how we have yet another snowstorm in our area today, I decided to play with creating some tablescapes on our kitchen table. Boredom can bring out my creativity, it seems. 

Folded red plaid scarf with lantern.

I decided to try folding this red plaid throw different ways to see what looked better on our round wooden table. 

The "old fashioned" oil lamp actually runs on batteries. The flame is a piece of plastic that flickers like an actual flame. We found this lamp at Ace Hardware and I really like it on our table. It's great for when the power goes off!

I decided to switch to a more winter-like theme on the table. This is certainly befitting the outdoor white stuff we got today!

White lace scarf, white flowers, candles and clear snowflakes

I filled a clear glass square vase with white foam balls (i.e. snowballs) and added white flowers. Clear, icy plastic snowflakes are propped up against the vase and the little glass light holders. Again, the lights are small flame free candles. 

Alternative uses for scarves.

You may recall seeing this lacy scarf when I wore it last winter for a post about wearing a white dress in winter. That post remains one of my favorite style posts that I have done, by the way. I scattered a few clear snowflakes on the lace scarf for good measure.

The truth about creating tablescapes on our kitchen table, however, is that our table is the repository for everything we bring into the house. So, when I create a beautiful arrangement, it typically ends up surrounded by coats on the chairs, my husband's wallet, keys and phone and, yes, my purse. The truth hurts....our house is a home and not a museum. 

Plastic snowflakes, flowers, snowglobes and flameless candles.

So, I moved most of the tablescape items, sans the scarves and oil lamp, to the side table in our living room. Mixed in with the polar bear snow globe, a larger flameless candle and the leftover flowers from my blossoms of joy post, they look pretty next to the snowy scene out our front window. 

And, here, my playtime ends as I decide this is where the tablescape will stay. Here, it will be undisturbed by the other debris of our lives, and can offer pleasure and a little respite from the snowy outside world as I gaze at its beauty.

Which of my tablescapes did you like best?  And, tell me, do you ever play with tablescapes?  Please take a moment to respond. Your comments make me happy!

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Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

I understand the boredom and also love playing with tables. Each is pretty in its own way. I guess my favorite is the red plaid folded like a runner. It catches my eye with color but there isn't too much. If that makes sense to anyone other than me. I'm playing with tables too! I'll post mine soon.

Sharon said...

I like the red plaid with your red lantern. It brings a pop of color to a snowy day. Creating different tablescapes sounds like fun on a day where you must stay in.

Joanne said...

I like the white scarf with the vase and the two snowflake tealights; to me that just screams winter wonderland.

Karen said...

My favorite with the red is the throw folded like a triangle, but I really love the white one the best! It just says snowy day to me! I love how you used the white foam balls for snowballs, that is just such a great idea (one I admit I would not have thought of!). Perfect with the white flowers! We have had snow on the ground here since right before Christmas. I'm sick of it! :) :) SO ready for spring and it would be great to see the sun again!! Right now on my dining room table I have a beach theme going on. I banished the winter things in favor of dreaming of warmer places! I think after seeing what you did with the white flowers and snowballs, a trip to the craft store might be in order because I'd really like to do that since we do realistically have a lot of winter left!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, everyone, for your comments and votes. Everyone liked a little bit of all the choices it seems! It was fun to hear your thoughts!