Saturday, May 5, 2018

DIY Cuff Bracelets-Two Styles

Create Your Own Jean Style Cuff Bracelets

I've always liked the look of a cuff bracelet and today I'm going to share two easy peasy ways of creating your own using simple materials. If I can do it, you can too!

This pretty embroidered cuff actually started life as a choker necklace on the dollar clearance shelf at Walmart! As soon as I spied it, I knew it would make a great cuff bracelet! 

I simply cut off the necklace ends and added self advesive velcro tabs to use for a closure. Voila! A cuff bracelet that I wear frequently and enjoy! I like the frayed edges and the lightweight feel of this bracelet. You know I love finding treasures on the dollar aisle!

I decided to create another cuff bracelet using old jeans material and colorful buttons. 

I cut in between the belt loops on the waistband of an old pair of my husband's jeans. 

I measured the length against my other cuff bracelet. Using the waistband of the jeans gives a double thickness of material and edging already sewn in. Any part of the jeans could be used to make this cuff, however.

I chose some colorful buttons to sew in the middle for decoration and added the velcro tabs for closure and that's it! How easy is that? I will say that the double thickness of the waistband made sewing the buttons a little more difficult than using a single thickness of jeans material. 

I feel so accomplished! Do you like cuff bracelets? Have you ever made one? Hope you'll leave a comment! Love hearing from you!

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Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

Very cute and so simple to make - thanks for sharing

Sharon said...

What a cute and clever idea! I like both your cuff bracelets. I especially like the fact that you used a part of the jeans that required no more finishing on the edges. Simple and creative!!

Karen said...

This is so creative Debbie! How you looked at a necklace and thought "bracelet!" And it worked beautifully! That would be such a fun piece to wear and a real conversation starter! said...

THese are adorable! I love innovative ways to use parts of clothes. Very cute!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks Ladies for your sweet comments! I love it when a simple craft project works! And I do enjoy my cuff bracelets!