Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Accessorizing For The Fourth

Wearing Accent Accessories For The Fourth

Hey friends! Today, I'm accessorizing for the fourth with my choice of scarf, bracelet, earrings and purse. Not to mention a favorite swing dress!!

I am becoming such a "dresses girl" this summer. I told someone the other day that I am embracing my clothing. That's true, but it's also true that I am finding my swing dresses to be really comfy and cool and non-binding around my waist this summer!

There's a little bit of red, white and blue going on in everything I chose to wear with this outfit. That stretch bracelet came from the bin at A.C. Moore. Check them out for inexpensive jewelry! (As in around $3 for the bracelet!) The pearl earrings and pearl ring I've had for awhile. The blue and red scarf went with a red dress I owned many years ago. The dress is long since gone but the scarf is still being used!

Do you have big plans for the 4th tomorrow? Ours will be pretty low-key for most of the day. The Mr. has a concert tomorrow evening with one of his bands and I'll probably tag along for that. I hope your red, white and blue celebration is spectacular and that you will take a moment to share a comment! 

Happy 4th of July,

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Dress:  Unsure of brand, purchased at Walmart
Bracelet: A.C. Moore
Purse: Who What Wear brand purchased at Target. Here is a link to a similar bag at Target


Sharon said...

How festive this look is, Debbie! It's perfect for a summer day and especially for the fourth of July. I would enjoy hearing more about how you are embracing your clothing. That's an interesting idea. My fourth will be low-key as well. Hope you enjoy the day!

Karen said...

I love that dress! Such a perfect style and breezy for warm days! I would also like to hear more about embracing your clothes! Since this holiday is on a Wednesday, it's back to work tomorrow. I'll go watch fireworks with my son and daughter in law then home to bed!