Thursday, July 26, 2018

Playing With Fashion

Fashion Should Be Fun!

Who out there likes to have fun with fashion? Really??  Me too!! Today's post is all about playing with fashion. Sort of like grown-up-girl-dress-up. So, how does one play with fashion you may ask? For me, it's taking a few reasonable risks with fashion and trying them out. I'm not a very risky person, though, so I have to kind of play it safe with fashion risk taking. I guess everyone has to define for themselves what amount of "risk taking," if any, they want to take with their fashion. 

Case in point, these earrings. I consider these a fashion risk for me. They are much larger and bolder than I usually wear. They are so much fun to wear, however!

I like the yellow yarn that is wrapped around the "dangle" part of the earring and the blue pom poms that hang down. This earring is colorful and cute and definitely different for me. I just got these yesterday at the local Rite Aid store which is going out of business and all their jewelry was 50% off. Since they were $3 to start with, I figured I could spend $1.50 on taking a risk with fashion! (Plus, they are hypoallergenic so they shouldn't turn my earlobes green!)

To further add to the risk taking of this outfit, I'm pairing a blue swing dress with white leggings and wearing tennis shoes. (I'm such a wild woman!) Not everyone I know dares to wear leggings with dresses or tennis shoes with dresses. But, I must tell you that this outfit was very comfy and my feet were happy the whole day! I wore this outfit to lunch and antiquing with a friend and was a happy camper. I do believe I will wear this exact outfit again! 

What do you think? Would you wear a similar outfit? And now, for something completely different for me with fashion risk taking. 

How about fishnet ankle socks with heels? Yeah, I know...this is a little risky. I can't say I dislike this look, however. 

What I don't like about this look is that my legs get chopped off between the edge of the dress' hemline and where the top of the ankle socks fall. But, I do like the pretty pearls at the top of the sock that makes the whole outfit "dressy." I would wear this outfit judiciously, however. Possibly out to a nice restaurant for dinner with my husband. Definitely not to's too different a look for me and I would probably feel awkward. 
I found a couple images of how others style this look. This style is quite popular and folks wear the fishnet ankle socks with flat shoes as well as heels. Some of the socks have pretty bows and other colors added in. If you visit the source links, you can see many styles. 

Since this look is what I would consider to be a "big" fashion risk for me, I kept the rest of my look toned down. No big jewelry or statement necklaces. One piece of "different" is enough for this outfit. I also was able to try out these fishnet socks for free as I had earned $5 in rewards at DSW and I used my reward to buy these socks. Again, just like with my pom pom earrings, I don't mind taking a fashion risk when I know I'm not out a lot of money!

So what do you think? Would you wear fishnet ankle socks? If so, how would you style them-with flats or with heels? 

I hope you will take a moment to share your thoughts on this post. And feel free to pin my photos! I do hope you are having fun with your fashion. After all, what's the fun of being over fifty if we can't take a few risks?!

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Sharon said...

Well, I'm not a risk taker in fashion or anything else, it seems. I am usually in a fashion rut while just reaching into my closet for what's familiar and convenient at the time. I think it's good to stretch into something new now and then, so good for you, Debbie, for trying new things.

Karen said...

I would have bought those earrings in a heartbeat! Good for you Debbie! What a fantastic price for fun jewelry! I like statement earrings (a recent development) and those are great! I like how you styled your dress also. And that black dress with the fishnet socks, that really does work! It's edgy and fun, and I am not seeing how it chops your legs, I think the fact that the socks are see-through helps with that. If you had opaque socks on maybe, but this looks good. I understand you wouldn't wear them to church, but for an evening out - you should definitely go for it! When you are out among people you don't know, they don't know a thing about your personality and wouldn't know that you aren't a risk taker, so a little acting can be fun! Those swing dresses are just fabulous and so flattering! It's funny about taking fashion risks, I'll do it when I'm with certain people who I know like to have fun with fashion, but when I'm with someone who is just not into it, I find I tone down what I choose to wear. Kind of weird, isn't it? Kind of like dressing for the occasion, but instead you dress for who you are going to be with. I often wish I wasn't like this Debbie!

Debbie Styles Life said...

I think you have excellent taste in clothes, Sharon! I always like what you wear. I tend to wear lots of the same things over and over and just break out of my "routine" every once in awhile!

Debbie Styles Life said...

I think I'm a lot like you, Karen. I don't take fashion risks around folks who I fear might "make fun" of me or think I'm being silly. We shouldn't worry what others think, but sometimes I can't help it. I think I will feel bolder now about wearing the fishnet socks for an evening out!

Amy Johnson said...

You look like you're having a lot of fun and experimenting more with fashion. Good for you. I've been wearing a lot of bolder earrings myself lately. I feel small earring get lost in all my hair.