Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Foyer Tablescape and A Welcome Garden

Something Old and Something New

I enjoy changing up the foyer table every once in awhile, so here is my latest tablescape. This is the "something old" part of the post since I change the table and share it with you fairly often. I'm also using some pieces that I picked up at Goodwill as well as pewter pieces that I have owned for many years-also a part of the "something old."

I started out using a "bird" type theme for this tablescape, but I think it is really more of a "woodland animals" type theme. Perhaps even an "enchanted forest" theme with the little wooden cottage. 

As I mentioned, I have owned these pewter pieces for many, many years. I can't even recall, now, when or where I got them. I just know I like them and it's fun to showcase them on the foyer table. 

The bird on the branch is so sweet next to the bunny and kitten.

I felt like the table needed a little something extra, so I added the photo album in the middle of the table. It has birdhouses all along the edges of the cover. 

And, I'm still enjoying the canvas blackboard sign on the bottom shelf of the foyer table. I don't know if these are still in stock, but if you are interested in one I bought it at Walmart. 

And now for the "something new" part of the post! Meet our newest furry family member-Garden! We adopted her from Brother Wolf (same shelter where we found Cassie) about 1 1/2 weeks ago. Her name is an unusual one and she was given the name by Brother Wolf. We just decided to stick with it. So, we welcome "Garden" to our family!

Garden is a smaller cat than Cassie, but don't let size fool you!  She is full of spunk and speed and is not afraid to let her presence be known! We are fairly certain that her mix includes some Siamese which asserts itself in her body build, the way she carries herself, her personality and the shrill "shriek" if things aren't going her way!

She is also a lap cat and loves to be a snuggle bunny-when it suits her! 

Poor Cassie had a look of alarm when we first brought Garden home and there have had to be some "adjustments" in our household with two cats living here. But, amazingly, the girls seem to be making peace with one another. 

And, our sweet Cassie is getting more used to the idea of being a "big sister" to Garden! 

Although, Cassie would like to remind everyone that she is #1 and will always "rule the roost" in this house! (Or, at least, have first dibs on the top of the perch!)

And if that isn't enough animal pics for you, I spied this lovely creature in our backyard today!

So tell me, what is old...or new....in your life?  Do take a moment to share. I love to hear from you! 

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Until Next Time,
*Photography by Debbie Ross


Susan said...

Congratulations on your newest family member, Garden! Love your table decor.

Sharon said...

How I enjoyed this post, Debbie! I always like to see your foyer tablescapes, and it was such a bonus seeing pictures of your new addition, Garden. She is beautiful and reminds me of a previous cat of mine, Sylvester. It will be fun to hear more about your cats and their growing friendship. How special to have that deer visit your backyard!

Cindy@CountyRoad407 said...

Cute babies you have there! They each have their own personality.

Nothing new going on except trying to implement what I learned at Haven but there aren't enough hours in the day! Hope you have a great week Debbie.

Clearissa said...

Very cute table and congratulations on your new addition.

Karen said...

How precious little Garden is Debbie!! The way she's looking at the camera sitting there, you can just tell her personality! She does look to have a touch of Siamese, and funny how she has the Siamese voice! I'll bet Cassie was wondering what was going on bringing in a new family member, and it's wonderful that they get along. It can be a tough sell for the cat who has the dominant personality! Beautiful deer also! With all of your wildlife around your house, I'll bet those kitties spend a lot of time at the windows!

Your tablescape is so pretty too! I love how you brought in the picture album with the birdhouses to pick up on the theme! I always enjoy seeing how you dress up that table!

Nancy Andres at Colors 4 Health said...

This must be tablescape day at BTL. How adorable yours is. Thanks for sharing.