Thursday, October 4, 2018

An Old Favorite Sweater From My Closet

Finding An Old Favorite In My Closet

Hey Friends!  Today, I'm keeping it casual with an outfit I wore out to lunch today. The piece I'm showcasing is this colorful sweater I re-discovered recently while looking in the nether regions of my closet. Don't you just love it when you fall in love with an old clothing favorite all over again?! 

I bought this sweater many years ago and used to wear it to work all the time. It went well with so many of my solid color tops and pants. It was always great for adding a pop of color and it is the type of fabric that travels really well with no wrinkling. I guess it fell out of favor in the last three years as I have been playing with some more "current" styles and also wearing more casual looks on a daily basis in retirement. But, how wonderful to re-discover that this pretty sweater can go casual. I don't care that it is not a "trending" piece of clothing. I love the colors and felt great pairing it with my trusty tan corduroy pants and my comfy New Balance shoes. The white top is a great thrifting find. 

I have to tell you a little bit about these corduroy pants. I call them "trusty" because I have worn these for many years, even with the addition of some pounds, and I think they tell a story of how women's clothing sizes have gone crazy over the years. These pants are a "former smaller size" that I used to always be able to count on being able to wear no matter which pair of pants I pulled off the rack. Even though I have gained some pounds in my 50's, I can still wear these pants. Not so, with other pants I try on. Even when I try on larger sizes that fit my "size" now, I may or may not be able to wear them because I no longer find clothing sizes to be consistent! It is so hard to find consistent clothing sizes in my opinion! I probably have 6 different clothing sizes in my closet. I don't even pay that much attention anymore to clothing sizes or S-M-L-XL sizes because I may be able to wear something in ALL those sizes depending on how the outfit or clothing article is made. Does anyone else besides me feel frustrated about this?!

But, I digress from this pretty sweater. I'm so glad I "found" it again! Why not go look and see if there is an "old favorite" just looking to be re-discovered in your closet?  Let me know what you find, OK?! 

Do you let a few years go by and then start re-wearing pieces? Do you get frustrated with current clothing sizes (or the lack thereof?!). Hope you will take a moment to leave a comment. I love hearing from my readers!

Wishing You Joy,

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Lay said...

Hi Debbie, I am a big one for wearing some items for years. My oldies but goodies. I also Habpve some pieces that I stop wearing and then nrestart after a few years. One that comes to mind is a denim jacket. I just pulled it out the other night and remembered how much I like it.

Karen said...

This is so true about sizing. Like you, I'll take a variety of sizes in the dressing room because even in single brands, you can't be certain. My sister, on the other hand, passes on beautiful things because the size she has decided she wants to be doesn't always fit and she won't size up. This really limits your choices, I think. I have a variety of sizes in my closet too. Your sweater is so perfect for fall, good for you getting it back out again. It IS fun to find something we've forgotten about or just couldn't see it worn a different way. You have inspired me to take another look at some things destined for donation when I retire soon! I should probably not be so hasty!!

Sharon said...

Your re-discovered sweater is as pretty in person as it is in your photos! I am with you on inconsistent sizes. Just recently I was shopping for pants, and I soon realized that I needed to take not one, not two, but three different sizes in the fitting room. Different brands meant different sizes. It certainly is more time consuming to buy clothes these days.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hey Laura:
I'm so happy you found that denim jacket again! I have one that I really enjoy wearing, also!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hey Karen:
Have fun looking through your closet and finding treasures! Yes, don't be too hasty with donations. I was just thinking of a top I gave away and thinking I might like to wear it again. Oh well!

Jacqui said...

Hi Debbie, I found you! I like your blog's new name. What a pretty sweater/jacket - I understand why it's a go-to for you - it looks so versatile and I'm sure it 'lifts' lots of outfits. The print is lovely. I love rediscovering things I'd forgotten about in my wardrobe, especially if I can find a fresh way of wearing them, maybe teaming them with something fresh or a different colour; it feels like I've had a little windfall. With sizes, I invariably try things on - otherwise, it's bad news, I'm afraid!

Clearissa said...

Nice sweater and it looks very comfy.

Amy Johnson said...

Such a pretty floral!