Saturday, October 13, 2018

Autumn Decor in the Autumn of Life

Autumn In Decor and In Life

As mid-October approaches I find myself delving more deeply into my stashes of Autumn decor. As is true with all seasons and holidays, I prefer to add bits and pieces of decor here and there throughout the house, mixing in these Autumn touches with decor that is already on display. A little bit of "this and that" to my style you might say. (wink)

I keep tweaking the foyer table decor and finally feel I've gotten it "right" with this display. I've fallen in love with the white/creme pumpkins that are so popular now and was excited to find this additional white wooden pumpkin in my Fall bin this evening. I had forgotten all about this piece! It was just what the foyer table needed to look complete.

This is the downstairs foyer table. It sports my favorite orange fabric pumpkin and a favorite vintage sign. 

The corner of the living room table is the perfect spot for my collection of orange wooden pumpkins and cute scarecrow. The soft glow of the flameless candle lamp adds to the evening ambiance of this vignette.

Even the hallway sports a touch of Fall with these colorful thrifted wooden leaves.

And these leaves don't need raking! I thought about repainting these leaves and now I'm so glad I didn't. They are perfect just as they are!

Meanwhile, outside the front door is a live green pumpkin topped with a "Swan gourd" purchased from our church's Pumpkin Patch. A unique pumpkin to be sure, and the green color matches our front porch decor. This photo was taken late. Sorry for the dim photo.

And some more creme white pumpkins hanging in a row on the fireplace wall in our family room. So pretty and yet so simple. 

I find Autumn to be a slow-down time that brings out the desire to  pause and reflect. It is a time of peacefulness between the busyness of a hot summer and the cold wintry blasts of winter and holiday preparations. The harvest is in and squirelled away to be used during the harsher months and the beautiful yellows, golds, reds, and oranges of leaves and pumpkins become feasts for our eyes and balm for our souls. 

As it is with the seasons, so it is with my life. I ponder the changing seasons of my years with reverence, wondering where the fleeting days of Spring and Summer have gone. The growth and expectations of those long ago days have brought forth the changing colors of my Autumn, a metamorphosis of my days and a reminder that I, too, am changing seasons as I age.

What do you ponder in the Autumn?

Wishing You Joy,


Sharon said...

I so enjoyed this post, Debbie! I always enjoy seeing your seasonal decor, but this post really resonated as you spoke of the autumn of your life. I agree that it seems to be a season of reflection.

Susan Joy Clark said...

You've made a very homey and seasonal atmosphere. Very lovely.

Jacqui said...

A really lovely post, Debbie. Your foyer tables are super - I covet your styling! What strikes me is how in Britain we are behind the US in styling our homes seasonally, particularly in fall. We don't really do much apart from the odd pumpkin and scary things for children, but the idea of adding seasonal decor to the home hasn't reached us, so it's really inspiring for me to see your ideas. Thank you! ps: the pumpkin fields bring back fond memories of visiting my uncle, aunt and cousins in upstate New York.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you Sharon, Susan and Jacqui for your kind comments about this post! Autumn is my favorite season and I embrace all that Fall brings with much enthusiasm!!

Terra Heck said...

Very pretty and seasonal decor! I really like that green pumpkin.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks so much, Terra!