Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Styling A Fall Tie-Dyed Dress

Tie-Dye Dress Styling

As usual with particular trends, I'm a little late to the tie-dye clothing party. That has all changed, however, with my purchase of this pretty tie-dyed dress that brings a touch of Fall in its style!

I've had my eye on this dress for months! Every time I would go into Cracker Barrel to eat I would browse the racks, see this dress, pull it off, admire it and then....look at the price tag and put it back on the rack!

Today, I saw that there were only two left on the rack, and only one in a size that I could wear. So, I took the plunge and bought it! And, I'm so glad I did. I kept hoping they would put this dress on sale, like they do so many others, but for some reason this one was never on sale. This is a bit of a different look for me with the mix of tie-dye colors, but I like all of these colors and how they go together. After I bought this, I remembered that I used to own a skirt and top that had similar colors, although not in a tie-dye pattern. I always enjoyed wearing that outfit until the skirt got too tight and I gave the set to Goodwill. So, I think this color combo was "calling" to me!

Don't think the Mr. loved this look. He kind of just looked at me when he got home from work and asked me if I wanted to change clothes before having dinner. When I told him I had a new dress on that I loved and was quite comfortable wearing it, he said he just didn't want me to get anything on it. Ha! Could you tell if I did drop something on it?! The brand is one I've not worn before-Frazzle. Has anyone heard of that brand? I couldn't find the tie-dye style online but here is a link to the same dress in green. And, it's on sale! Boo-why wasn't mine?!

I actually wore my brown Skecher ankle booties with the dress when I went out to the store today. But, for the post, I decided to wear my Abella peep toe pumps. These pumps are super comfy, have great footbed padding and, best of all, are the perfect height for me! Because of the wide/flat heel, I don't teeter totter when I wear them. I got rid of all of my heels because I wanted something lower in height and more stable. It's just not worth a broken or sprained ankle to me to wear heels that are not safe. I'm quite happy with these stylish shoes!

So, what do you think? Do you like to wear tie-dyed clothing? Would you wear this style dress? How would you style it? Hope you'll take a moment to share a comment. I love hearing from my readers! And, if you haven't already, please take a moment to sign up to follow me by email. It's free and easy-just look on the right sidebar of my blog for the "Follow by Email" and add your email address in the box and click "submit." You will receive an email to confirm that you want to follow me by email and that's it! You will receive an email whenever I post so you never have to miss a post!

Wishing You Joy,

*This is not a gifted or sponsored post. Photography by Debbie Ross and William Ross. 


Sharon said...

Your new dress looks so comfortable, Debbie! I like the look of maxi-dresses, and the colors in your dress really fit the season.

Susan said...

I love tie-dyed clothes! I’d wear that dress. Looks good on you!

Karen said...

I have not had tie dye anything for years, but it's back strong and yours is a fun dress! It's perfect for fall and I think goes particularly well with your hair and skin tone. Good for you getting something you really liked. Looking at it over and over is a good sign you'd like it and you didn't buy it on impulse. Seems like it was meant to be!

Jacqui said...

Hi Debbie, I love tie and dye - like batik, I always think it has a 'designer' feel. I love the colours of your dress - very striking and autumnal, the ruching around the midriff gives it a nice shape, and the maxi length is graceful. For British autumns and winters, I think it would work nicely with slouchy boots, a wool jacket and a woolly scarf. I have one tie and dye item in my wardrobe - a T shirt that I tried to dye green, but I forgot to add salt to fix the dye and it came out mottled - but in a nice way - I love it!

Anna from Looking Fabulous @ Fifty said...

I like the dress, it has nice easy boho vibe. With so many colours, you can wear it with so many different accessories