Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Blue Fringe Top and Comfy Pumps

Blue Top With Fringe Benefits

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I love a top with fringe benefits and this one certainly has the fringe! I don't think I've shown this top on the blog before. I've had it a few years and always enjoy wearing it. The blue color is one of my favorites and the fringe adds that "something extra" to the look. 

The material is soft and figure flattering and the fringe is great for hiding tummy problems. 

This top is by Melissa Paige and, like I said, I bought it a few years ago. But, I did find the exact top in an XL on Poshmark if you are interested. I have never purchased from Poshmark so cannot vouch for the experience of buying from there. The material is the soft viscose/spandex mix that so many tops are made from these days. It's machine wash and lay flat to dry which I love. I don't do dry cleaning!

I found a few other tops with fringe that you might enjoy browsing:

Waffle Knit Fringe Hem Layered Top

I like this dusty blue color!

Feather Fringe Crew Neck Top

And this black is certainly figure flattering. 

Why not check out this link where I found these tops? 

I came across these shoes the other day and am very pleased with the comfort level. I haven't owned Thom McAn shoes (that I can remember) since I was a little girl. In fact, these shoes remind me of a pair I got when I was young and allowed to choose a shoe with a bit of a heel on it. Remember, ladies, hearing your heels click on the floor and how it made us feel all grown up?! These heels don't click, though, as they are made of rubber and have a really nice cushion effect. They are a block heel, also, which gives lots of support. The cushioned insole is quite comfortable, the round front gives my toes plenty of room and since the shoe is real leather they should last. I was able to buy this Thom McAn shoe on sale at $19.99. I see the price listed here is the higher price. 

We have some snow blowing today and I am staying in and planning on doing a little more decorating, a little cleaning, some laundry and, hopefully, a little sewing project. What's on your agenda for today? Hope you will leave a comment. I love hearing from you!

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Sharon said...

The color of your fringed top is beautiful. I see more and more fringe used on tops, capes, etc. My goal this afternoon is to do some holiday decorating. Hopefully it will add a little festive feeling to a cold and dreary day.

Karen said...

I really like the fringe top, and the others that you feature also! It does add so much interest to a top! I had no idea Thom McAn shoes are still being sold! That was the brand we all wanted in junior high and high school. I remember my first pair that I chose - even had a matching purse that was WAY too big for my little junior high frame, but I was allowed to have it, a real splurge in our family! This sure brought back memories! Your shoes are cute, and what a deal! My weekdays have been spent training my replacement and it has been exhausting! Hoping to go to the tree farm this weekend!

Debbie Styles Life said...

You're right, Sharon, fringe seems to be popular right now. Hope things go well with your holiday decorating!

Debbie Styles Life said...

That's a great story, Karen, about the shoes and purse you got in junior high! I didn't realize that Thom McAn shoes were still around either. I just haven't seen the brand in stores until the other day.