Thursday, December 27, 2018

Creativity With Zendoodling Art

What Is Zendoodle?

Looking for a relaxing way to use your creativity and produce something pretty that is your own design? Zendoodling may be the answer! I was first introduced to Zendoodling a few months ago when a friend and I attended a class at our local library about Zendoodle. It is an art form that is distantly related to Zentangle and you can look online to find all sorts of info about each of these terms. In my own words, I would explain Zendoodling this way. You take a mostly empty shape or picture and embellish it with repeated doodle shapes. The doodling can be left black and white or you can add color if you wish. In the Zendoodle above, which I worked on at a Fall retreat, I added circles, hearts, music notes, dots and straight and squiggly lines and just added a bit of blue to the center. I decided to frame this particular piece, but you can just do it for fun and not worry about framing. Zendoodling is meant to be relaxing and fun, so worries about perfection in artistry are left at the door!

This is another Zendoodle that I worked on recently. I looked online for free printable winter/holiday coloring pictures and printed the ones I thought were "empty" enough for my doodling. 

This is what the coloring sheet looked like before I added my doodling. 

I also doodled this candy cane. 

And this is what it looked like before the doodling. Since I don't consider myself a good drawing artist, this is the perfect art form for me! I simply add my own doodles and create whatever shapes, squiggles, etc. I want to add to the  picture! I find Zendoodle to be quite relaxing and easy to do. And, perhaps you would enjoy trying it too!

As, I mentioned, there is lots of info online about Zendoodling and also Zentangle. I don't claim to be an expert, but I have taken what I learned at the library class and rolled with it! My understanding of Zentangle is that you start with a sort of square shape and add three points that you connect to create all sorts of interesting shapes. I haven't tried any Zentangle yet, but some of the online examples are beautiful and quite intricate! The important part of Zendoodle for me, however, is the relaxation part of the doodling. My mind relaxes while I doodle and time passes very quickly and calmly. A good thing!

I sure hope you had a good Christmas day, dear reader! Ours was very low-key. I'll be transitioning to snowman/winter decor in the next week or so and will share that with you in a future post. I hope, though, that you will join me for this Sunday's post as I do a little reflection/blog recap of my thoughts about 2018 and will also reveal my "one perfect word" for 2019. Until then, have a great weekend and keep on doodling!

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Clearissa said...

Seems very relaxing. I am also tempted to try adult coloring as well.TFS.

Karen said...

I can see where this would be relaxing and we can all use some of that! I often doodled when I was on the phone at work and liked the creativity part! You have a good idea here about printing out some rather blank pictures and filling them in. Could probably do this with an inexpensive coloring book and have your doodling all bound up! Think I'll pick one up at the store when I'm out today! My son and his wife have the adult coloring books and he said it's a good way to relax after a trying day! Thank you for the great suggestion!

Sharon said...

I find zendoodling relaxing and satisfying as well. I am amazed at your designs. You certainly have an eye for this art form!

Jacqui said...

Hi Debbie, Zendoodling certainly sounds relaxing - the hands working while the subconscious mind expresses itself. I'll look forward to your blog recap, and I'm intrigued to know what your one perfect word for 2019 will be!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Ladies, and I wish each of you a very blessed New Year 2019!!