Tuesday, December 11, 2018

How To Style Basic Outfits Different Ways

Which Outfit Looks Best? Help Me Decide!

lambswool sweater with fringed scarf

I'm a firm believer that fashion should be fun for the person wearing it. It's easy to get bogged down with styles and trends and forget that you still have to enjoy what you are wearing. So, since today is still a "snow day" at my house and the Mr. is having a teacher workday at school I'm playing with fashion. Trying on different tops and different accessories to see which looks I like best. You can play along with me, if you like, and help me decide which look you like best. 

I'm keeping certain basics the same in each outfit. The pants, by Onque, the black long sleeved tee and the black Skecher booties are the same in each pic. The top and accessories are what is changing. Here, I'm adding just the grey sweater, a lovely patterned and warm two button sweater by Horny Toad with a unique Aztec patterned front. This sweater is 100% lambswool and is super warm and soft. 

lambswool sweater by horny toad

Here, I've kept the sweater but added a black fringe scarf as an accessory.

I think the scarf adds a nice touch to the look. 

Now, I've changed sweaters to a solid black long cardigan which is Faded Glory brand. Wearing all black with no scarf or jewelry is a bit bland. 

cardigan sweater accented with pearl necklace

Adding a long tiered pearl necklace makes a big difference!

Here, I decided to belt the cardigan. I bought a new belt recently and it looks pretty and adds a different dimension to the look. 

cardigan ribbed sweater worn with a belt

The belt came from Walmart and has pretty embroidered flowers in a sort of gold/pink tint. It's pretty! Wearing the belt gives definition to my waist. (Notice the little photo bomber at bottom right!)

red and black plaid high low dress

And, finally, I'm still playing around with this red/black plaid number. I have styled it a couple times already here and here. I like how it looks with the pants and belted. 

So, this is the end of the fashion show! Now, it's your turn. Leave me a message and let me know which styling(s) you like best. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Until Next Time,


Sharon said...

What fun you must have had trying different looks! I need to go through my closet to sort, so your post gives me the idea to play around with different looks while I'm clearing out my closet. I very much like your gray sweater, but I also like the solid black with both the pearl necklace and your lovely new belt. Your black and red plaid is certainly part of what's trending right now. So...I think each look is a winner!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Sharon! It is fun to play around with different ways to style outfits. I also like taking pictures because it really gives me a good idea of how an outfit looks in "real life." A little different than just looking in the mirror.

Sharon said...

Your comment about seeing an outfit through a photo is interesting. Quilters are told to do that with their quilts to see how they "really" look. It's especially helpful when deciding on colors to put in the quilt or the placement of individual blocks in a quilt. After reading your comment, I'll do it with clothes as well as quilts!

Karen said...

I like all of these Debbie. I like the gray sweater best with the black fringe scarf added. The black cardigan with the necklace and belted is very pretty, and I like the dress over the pants also. That's very modern and I find it also a good choice for Christmas activities!! This is a fun post - I hope you do more of these!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Karen. I'll try to do some more of this type of post!

julie Wunder said...

Hi Debbie! I think they all look pretty!! xoxo
My favorite is the black with the long silver necklace but you can't go wrong with any of them. :-)