Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Shirt Tucks and Teacups

To Tuck or Not To Tuck and Butterfly Teacups

Today's post is going to serve two purposes. One is to discuss whether or not to tuck a shirt for the best overall effect. The other purpose is to show you the sweetest little teacups I have ever seen! You may not think shirt tucks and teacups are topics that go together, but I think they are a perfect match...just like cups and saucers😉.

You know, for quite awhile now, I have stopped tucking shirts into my jeans and pants. My reasoning for doing so was that wearing the shirt untucked would cover the stomach area and make me look slimmer. Recently, however, I have decided to try tucking again and I like the result!

Buying this pretty new belt was a major influence in rejoining the shirt tucked in club! It's so pretty and I want it to show! I'm also realizing that at age 60, I can't expect to look exactly like I did when I was in my 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's! Our bodies change as we age, even if we don't add additional weight. My stomach was never totally flat, but it is much more rounded now and you know what? That's perfectly OK. I don't have to try to hide it behind an untucked shirt. 

Does this mean I'll never wear a shirt or top untucked? Of course not! But, rather than make my choice based on trying to look slimmer, I want to make my choice based on whether tucking or untucking will give the best overall effect. I like the way tucking this black/white plaid shirt looks with my jeans, belt and the longer black cardigan. The overall effect is stylish in my opinion. Casual and comfortable and yet put together. 

In a recent post, I styled a blue/white plaid flannel shirt (untucked by the way) and I mentioned that the look was a "Debbie look" in retirement. Today's post also shows a "Debbie look" with just a little more spit and polish! This look takes me to run errands, to have lunch with friends and to lounge around the house. It sometimes also takes me to church! Casual can look put together with that little something extra added to the overall effect! Kind of like adding butterflies to teacups...

Which brings me to these beauties! When I saw these gorgeous teacups, saucers and kitchen towels offered on Katherines Corner Shop's going out of business sale, I knew I had better snap them up while I could! And, I'm so glad I did. 

The teacups arrived wrapped securely in bubble wrap and kept in place inside netting. 

Whenever I have ordered from Katherine she always includes a personal note. Yet another example of that "something extra" that increases the effect. She is the sweetest person and I'm so happy to have met her via blogging! I'm very sorry that she has closed her shop, but you can still read her blog at

Aren't these kitchen towels pretty?! I can see using these as towels hanging from the oven door, napkins on a pretty Spring tablescape and even as bathroom hand towel decor. I know I will get lots of use from these pretty towels!

And the teacups will be multi-use as well. Great for sipping my breakfast tea from, but also wonderful for small flower arrangements! The teacups are by Darice and this appears to be a popular pattern. You know I have a love for butterflies, so these items are right up my alley!

Just as tucking a shirt can increase the overall effect of clothing style, using pretty teacups and towels can add to the effect of a lovely tablescape or kitchen style. It's all about noticing how little things can have big effects! 

So, tell you tuck or untuck? And what is your opinion of teacups? Do you love butterflies like I do? Do take a moment to share. I love hearing from you!

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Sharon said...

Just like you, Debbie, I usually wear shirts untucked. They just seem more comfortable that way, but not that I've seen your look in this post, I may rethink the ways I wear clothing. As for your tea cups and towels, they are more than lovely! You have such a gift for using items in creative ways other than their initially intended use, such as using the tea cups for flower arrangements. I would never think of that! It's such a great idea. I'm going to remember your phrase about how little things can have big effects. That seems to apply to lots of things in life. Great post!

Susan said...

I love the analogy of a woman to a tea bag!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Comfort is important, too, Sharon. That's another idea to add to the mix when deciding whether or not to tuck or untuck.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Yes, I like that quote too, Susan!

Karen said...

I know how you love butterflies, and those cups are perfect!! They look like a breath of springtime!! Beautiful towels too, and such thoughtful packaging! Those were a 'must have!' I absolutely love that buffalo plaid shirt! It is so classy in black and white, and the belt is just amazing! I can see why you'd want to highlight that!! It looks very pulled together tucked in with the belt! You have the right attitude about bodies as we go through life. We are not going to look 20 or 30 any longer, and who cares? As you show here, we can still look classy and modern regardless of our age! I think we're even better, because we are confident and honestly aren't hung up any longer on what people think. You look great! Find ways to show off that belt!!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Karen. I am really enjoying the teacups and towels and I do feel better about tucking shirts again! Maybe I'm just accepting more that this is my aging body. I'd better be thankful that it is still hanging in there!! Hope you are having a great week, retired lady!

Katherines Corner said...

I'm untucked about 50 % of the time. But I like the look of a neat and tidy top tucked in with a belt. Oh, what beautiful teacups and tea trowels you have...wink. I'm so happy to know you are pleased with your purchase. Thank you for being such an amazing bloggy friend xo

Clearissa said...

I'm untucked most of the time but when I loose another 8 pounds maybe I'll try tucking again. :) I love the tea cups and the dish towels are so perfect for spring. TFS.