Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Match Made In Seven: Ode to Iris Apfel

Ode To Style Icon Iris Apfel

Hello, Everyone!  It's time once again for our monthly international blogger's group to interpret a style challenge. This month, Sonja gave us a fun challenge; Ode to Iris Apfel. Be sure to check out all the other Match Made in Seven bloggers and see how they styled this month's theme. Links to their blogs appear at the end of my post. 

I'm going all out in this post with patterns, textures and bling to honor the amazing style of Iris Apfel. She is a 90+ fashion icon who shows through her style that "more is more" rather than "less is more."  She is typically to be seen wearing bright colors and over the top amounts of jewelry and she doesn't allow anyone else to define her style but her!

Iris Apfel
Photo Source from Pinterest
She also loves wearing very large eyeglasses! 

I don't typically wear such large amounts of jewelry, but, in honor of Iris, I added several bracelets, some big size rings and a larger necklace to my outfit. 

Ooops, I forgot I also added the extra necklace at the collar and my big hoop earrings. There is so much going on in this outfit that it is hard to see and keep up with all the parts! The top I am wearing is another version of the jeans top I styled recently. I love the colorful flowers and the way this top gives me a waist. 

I love the way the flower pattern of the top blends with the textured black pants I am wearing. For me, this is pattern mixing at its best!

Although I wouldn't normally style an outfit quite so boldly, I must admit that this has been a fun post to style and photograph. Many thanks to my husband for his photography skills. I think that Iris Apfel can teach us all that style is meant to be uniquely ours and not dictated by others. I love the following quote by her:

Iris Apfel: “No amount of money can buy you style. It’s just instinctive.”

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Fashion Schlub said...

So fun, Debbie! I think you really captured the essence of Iris' style! Unlike me who went in the total opposite direction. I am the ANTI-Iris!

What great jewelry you have! I wish I still had all my mother's old costume jewelry, she really had a lot of great stuff, it was so fun!

Can't wait to see everyone else!


Darlene said...

Debbie, what a great interpretation. Somehow you took Iris Apfel's wild and crazy style and made it classy!! Well done! This was a fun challenge. I can only wonder what comes next??!! Lol!

xx Darlene

Sharon said...

I had never heard of Iris before your post today. It sounds like it was a fun challenge. I like that Iris does not allow others to define her style.

Clearissa said...

What a fun collaboration. You look great!

Joy said...

Very nice although I have to confess I have never heard of the lady in question. Love the style though.

Sonja said...

I love your jewelry! Great job, great ode to Iris Apfel!

Karen said...

You interpreted this so well! Iris is one of a kind, that's for sure! Even though my style is much the opposite of hers, what I learn from her is that we should be true to ourselves and not allow anyone else to define us, or our style. I love your floral pants!!

stylesplash@live.co.uk said...

I love the floral print tunic and all the jewellery! This was such a fun challenge, I really enjoyed it!

Emma xxx

Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

I love how you stayed close to yourself and yet stepped out of your comfort zone! Looking very creative!