Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Layering Jewelry and A Surprise Top

Necklaces Layered and A Colorful Backed Top

Hello, hello!  Today, I'm sharing an outfit that I wore to lunch with my friend, Sharon. I'm still embracing the whole "white after Labor Day" thing. I'm also having fun with jewelry and a surprise top. (You'll see the surprise in a minute!)

Here's what the whole outfit looked like.  I love the look of a shorter necklace layered with a longer necklace. You have to be careful that the pieces match well with design and heaviness. A chunky necklace with a thinner necklace would probably not look good layered, or at least not as good. My shorter necklace was a "Secret Santa" gift from years ago at school and the longer necklace I bought about a year ago on sale and have really enjoyed wearing it. The top I'm wearing is one of my favorite brands to wear, Cha Cha Vente, which I can always count on for a good fit. The little tie at front is flattering.

And here is the "surprise" back, all covered with flowers! I love this feature of the top. All the flowers might be a bit much for my style on the front, but on the back it's just perfect! 

I've seen a similar style shirt with animal print on the back of the shirt. This style gives a little fun twist to a plain, black shirt and is a way to add a hint of flowers or animal print if you don't want to be to bold with a particular trend. 

Do you enjoy layering necklaces?  Is wearing a shirt with a solid front and colorful back on your radar?  Hope you'll let me know in the comments. By the way, I intended to shoot these pics outdoors but as I was going out the front door tripod in hand, Mama Bear decided to walk by the side yard to her favorite spot in our back woods where she takes naps! So, back inside the house I quickly went and snapped shots in the living room. Cassie insisted on assisting me and kept rubbing against the tripod to "adjust" it the way she wanted. I think she did a pretty good job with these photos don't you?! 

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Karen Anderson said...

What a fantastic top!! I've never seen anything like that but would buy it in a minute! Such a pretty floral pattern. I do enjoy layering necklaces, just don't like it when the chains start tangling, but I definitely do it. That's a great "going out for lunch" look! Cassie did a great job as photographer's assistant!

Sharon said...

The top is so lovely, Debbie! I am not good with wearing jewelry. I put necklaces on, change them around, and in the end, I often give up and take them off because I can't decide what looks good. I admire your ability to combine necklaces and other jewelry. Another bear! I think it's good you kept company with Cassie instead of that bear!

Joy said...

I do love that top!!
Necklaces annoy me a bit but I have favourites that don't get in the way. I love yours though - you make them look so stylish.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks Karen, Sharon and Joy for your lovely comments! I do enjoy wearing this top. It's so fun to have a solid front and such a colorful back to the top! I enjoy wearing my jewelry, but I get it that necklaces can sometimes be a hindrance and get in the way. I especially cannot wear heavy necklaces, or even heavy scarves, around my neck because it hurts my neck. So, I'm very selective about weight. Hope you all have a great week ahead!