Sunday, September 29, 2019

Pockets of Pumpkins Everywhere!

Home Decor With Pumpkins

Hello everyone!  I'm sharing my Fall decorating in today's post and you will see some old favorites and some new items. My Fall decor this year is featuring pockets of pumpkins in different areas of the house. There are lots of pumpkin colors going on, too, in order to color coordinate with the surroundings. First off, I'm keeping all of my white and creme pumpkins in the foyer where they look oh so pretty with the white front door...

And my white orchid wreath and white/green "R" hanging on the door. 

The living room pumpkins boast golds and greens-warm colors to match the lodge browns, reds and greens of our living room furniture.

I love the fact that today's decor pumpkins come in so many different colors and textures. These new green and gold pumpkins are so pretty next to the crochet texture of the other pumpkin.

The lower foyer table holds traditional pumpkin colors along with a sweet scarecrow. 

These pumpkins are old friends who come out to play every year about this time. Tradition is always good in my book!

But, it's also fun to change things up a bit and these pumpkins are my newest love with decor-buffalo check plaid! I had passed up a couple buffalo check plaid pumpkins earlier and I finally found this one and scooped it up! I think lots of other people like black and white plaid too because it is soooo hard to find!

The top shelf of this corner bookshelf in our dining room was just the spot for this pumpkin and another "R."  I'm loving the look!

My Fall decor is simple. Little pockets of pumpkins in corners throughout the house. Not enough to overwhelm or overpower other decor but just enough to announce, "Welcome Fall!"

How about you? How are you styling Fall at your house? 

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Sarah said...

Like you, the buffalo check pumpkins we are seeing this year are really cute. Thanks for sharing your pockets of pumpkins.

Sharon said...

I really like all your pockets of pumpkins, Debbie! I'm amazed at the variety of colors and styles. I enjoy seeing how you've decorated your home for fall.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you Sarah and Sharon for stopping by and commenting!